Marriage, Career, Love, and Family


Question from A: There is a person I love but his family wants a housewife while I’m a doctor. There is another person my parents have chosen whose family is supportive of my further studies but it’s hard to imagine this other person as a life partner for me. Should I choose the career, other person or stay single my whole life?

Finding Spiritual Friends


Question from Nyle: I have begun a spiritual path in my late school years. I have transformed and friends whom I once spent time with no longer resonate with my path. I have begun to feel isolated. In other words, it seems that people of my age are on a very different path. With that, I find it very difficult to connect deeply…

Peace and Harmony Prayer


Question from Roopa: My sister’s daughter staying with us always creates problems and unrest in home which is affecting my meditation. She is now 18 years and a nice girl but very short temper and having fluctuate mind. Help me to make peace in my home spiritually.

Stay or Leave


Question from Filipa: I was determined to emigrate but intuitively I felt this wasn’t the best time to do it so I decided to stay. I believe that this may, in part, be related to a person I met recently and with whom I felt an instant connection with. However, despite this connection, I feel that he is emotionally unavailable and puts a…

Family Karma


Question from Pat: How can we live in an extended family with envy, betrayal, vandalism, abandonment of pets to the point of death, and verbal aggression? We just moved back due to our parents’ health and wishes. I’m saddened by the fate of their dogs, not to mention concerns for our children’s safety and health. Since they harbor extreme resentment in their hearts,…

Dealing with a Toxic Friendship


Question from Natalie: I have had a friend for 8 years and have recently realized that the friendship is toxic. We don’t have anything in common anymore, they are pessimistic and at times they are verbally abusive towards me. We are thinking about moving in together because I trust them and they are my only friend, but now I’m having second thoughts. I…

Heartbreak in Relationship


Question from Ken: I just broke up with my girlfriend. In these times i cried to God and Jesus to save me from my pain and i started to go back on the spiritual path. I know God is my only true love and that attachment creates problems. However i feel like we will never find partners that are alike, and i really…

Should a spiritual aspirant hang out with non-spiritual aspirants?


Question from Jackie Free: Can you still lead a spiritual life if you still hang around people who don’t feel the same as you? After finding Yogananda and his teachings, I feel myself becoming so disconnected from everyone in my life. I don’t know if I can still lead my day to day life and not become spiritually restricted by the people I’m close…

Obstacles in Friendship


Question from Petals: My relationships are worse. I have been a very loyal and faithful person my entire life. But all I’ve gotten is betrayal or hatred. People just don’t like me. They talk behind my back. Now i have no faith in friendships. And even I don’t have good relations with my family also. I don’t like them. Sometimes I wanted to…

Why Do I Dream About This Guy?


Question from Saara: I met a guy last year that I keep dreaming about. Very intense dreams that feel real, in all of them I am together with him. This has been going on for six months. I don’t see him any more (we met at work but he works for a different company). I tried to forget him but can’t and the…