Do I have a soulmate?


Does Yogananda (and other Spiritual Masters) believe that EVERY person has a twin flame?

—Cindy, USA


Dear Cindy,

I recently wrote an article entitled “Do You Have a Soulmate?” You may wish to read this first.

Yogananda did agree with the teaching that each soul has a twin soul (or, if a “half-soul,” then the “other half”). But he clarified that this is not a romantic relationship for the simple reason that the soul has no gender. The soulmate refers to qualities of the soul, not the body. The time and energy spent to identify one’s soulmate is better spent in seeking God, through whom our awakened and purified soul will more accurately attract our soulmate. Seek Self-realization first and the soulmate will appear when it is the right time. Until we can see clearly with the eyes of the soul, we will find ourselves attracted to any number of others who will not be our soulmate. There’s nothing wrong with this provided we do not fool ourselves into imagining we have found our soulmate when we have simply fallen in love with someone on the basis of mutual interests or attraction.

In effect, then, Yogananda admitted the concept of soulmate but dismissed the value of seeking a soulmate so long as we are not yet enlightened (or perhaps very close to enlightenment).

Seeking God through the sat guru is the safest form of spiritual seeking. As Jesus Christ said, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness, and all these (other) things will be added unto you!”

Blessings upon your search for freedom,
Nayaswami Hriman