Welcoming Death: A Conscious Transition

I am coming to the end of a lifetime in which it has become clear that God loves me and that together we have been victorious. Ending life on this note seems perfect. By the grace of God, I have been given the strength and clarity to take the next step.

Why Is Rock, Pop, and Jazz Not Advisable For Yogis?


Question from Rajat: Hello and a happy New Year to everyone at the Ananda family, I would like to know the reason why spirituality advises not to listen to rock/metal/pop/jazz music or songs. I am on a spiritual path and would like to ban anything which affects my journey. Currently, I listen to rock and metal songs which keep me motivated to do … Read More

Art and Divine Energy


Question from Diana Barrett: I am curious about great works of art, writing, music… Are the artists channeling divine energy in this one aspect of their lives? (without knowing it?) I will say I am completely ignorant in regard to any of the works and the humans they came from. I don’t believe they were “spiritual” people, correct? So how do such enduring creations … Read More

Music that Raises – or Lowers – the Emotions


Question from Alan: Why is it that I get easily moved by some secular music, like soft rock and others, but when I listen to spiritual hymns, chants and kirtans I don’t feel very moved by it? Does this mean that I am not really very spiritual?

The Power of Uplifting Music


Question from Billy: Did Yogananda ever say anything about music ? was he against people listening to music ?

How to hit the right note


Question from Jaya: I am an aspiring singer. I put in a lot of hardwork for my music. In addition, during meditation, I use the prayer demand from the whispers of eternity which says ” Every sound that I make let it have the vibration of Thy voice” to get the Lord’s grace. Will it help? Also whenever I am not able to … Read More

Meditation and Music


Question from Jaya: Dear experts, My life has never been the same after i came in touch with Yogananda’s teachings. I am a beginner in meditation and use the basic meditation technique on your site. Of now I do around 30-40 minutes every evening. I am also an aspiring singer with a good voice and vocal range but am struggling to hit the … Read More

Space, light, and harmony


Question from priyal: Namaste, I am an architect and have been wondering, if spaces have an aura (positive or negative vibes) about them. If so, how is it possible to design spaces with certain postive aspects.