The Source of Inspiration


I have been having a hard time doing anything creative like painting, or writing. It feels like I have lost motivation to do anything creative. Are there any prayers or meditation techniques to boost creative energy?

—Natalie, USA


This is a good question. Also, a question that all meditators, during a devotionally dry period, could ask. What is the secret of staying inspired? What do I do about lost motivation? How do I boost my energy? The answers hold many blessings!

Of course, heartfelt prayer and asking God for help and guidance on how to stay inspired and maintain a creative level of energy is the best way to begin. Ask in the language of your heart what is the solution for this creatively dry period. What direction is helpful? Is there another ‘way’ to go? Is there something I am not seeing that I can make part of my efforts?

In the search to find this balance please consider reading the book Art as a Hidden Message. It is such a wonderful resource for explaining where inspiration comes from and how to understand the source of all inspiration. Paraphrased from this book: “For the source of inspiration lies, not in the event itself, but in the artist. It remains a reflection of our experience, an opening of the soul.”

The process is an opportunity for introspection, but at the same time, never compare your inspiration or creativity to any other. Being true to oneself and your unique expression deep within will keep the connection to Divine creativity alive. Be grateful for those gifts you have in you. Comparing is the quickest detour for self doubt to undermine your self-confidence in your innate ability. Your own artistic expression will come, easily, when you have ‘learned’ to sing your own soul song that God has given you to sing. That is the opening of the soul. And, most important, keep the inspiration flowing, by offering back to Him that inspiration which comes only from His love in the first place. Secrets of creativity are within you!

Many blessings in your efforts.