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When Does the Soul Leave the Body?

Dear Roshni, Thank you for writing. Again, I’m very sorry for your loss. I can answer your questions about the soul before and after death from what I’ve learned of the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. I would highly recommend that ... Read More

Why Do Innocent Animals Suffer?

Dear Vidhya, Thank you for your heartfelt question. This is an issue that pulls at many people’s hearts with what seems unnecessary suffering of the animal kingdom caused by humans. There are many stories about the back and forth of ... Read More

I Have Seen Only Misery in My Life

Dear Kumari, Thank you for your question. The world sometimes can be seen as only misery. Remember, you are never alone — especially when trying to improve your life. The Universe will respond in kind to any thoughts that you ... Read More

What Is the Karma Behind My Son’s Suicide?

Dear Roshini, I am so sorry to hear of the sadness and loss in your life. It is difficult to understand what appears to be a senseless loss of a loved one. The ‘why’ behind the tragedy and our feeling ... Read More

What Is the True Dharma for Men and Women?

Dear Radhika, Thank you for your question. The Vedic term nari dharma for women refers to married women and the qualities of an ideal wife are perceived as “being in observance toward the husband, always with devotion, always obedient, never ... Read More

How Do I Help My Family During the Pandemic?

Dear Leticia, Thank you for your question. What you are experiencing is not an unusual occurrence in families—especially now with difficulties on the planet surfacing from the worldwide pandemic. We need to be vigilant, be safe, and stay in the ... Read More

Should I Pray to the Saints?

Dear Sinai, Thank you for your thoughtful question. The understanding of who the saints are, how they became saints, whether they really know God, should we pray to saints and what helpful purpose do they have for us have always ... Read More

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