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What Is the Soul’s Power after Death?

Dear Friend, So sorry to hear of your family’s loss. The ‘why’ behind death is hard to comprehend. This is not a laughable question that you have, at all, especially because you feel intuitively that this circumstance with your grandfather ... Read More

How to Keep Positive Influences for Our Children

Dear Friend, Many parents are deeply concerned, as you are, about the force of negativity on today’s children. You are not old-fashioned in your concern, and being proactive is great and the right thing to do! Having raised 4 children ... Read More

Do I Need My Spouse’s Permission to Take Initiation?

Dear Friend, So sorry to hear of your family difficulties in pursuing the spiritual path. Only you can determine if you should receive initiation against your husband’s insistence that you do not do so. In self-offering, after meditation, ask God ... Read More

Is It Possible to Become Enlightened on One’s Own?

Dear Friend, Thank you for your heartfelt question. This is a dilemma that many face in these confusing times! When? How soon? Who? Where? What text or scripture to follow? These confusing questions are tests of faith. So it is ... Read More

Solution for Family Harmony

Dear Friend, True happiness among family members has its foundation in understanding and kind words. Remember this as the basis for establishing harmony again with your sister. No matter what the provocation, remain in calm silence or use only genuine ... Read More

I Need a Deep Healing Prayer

Dear Leena, Absolutely, I join you in sending healing energy for your brother. Here is the site for Yogananda’s prayers and healing techniques. It is also important during this time, in supporting your brother, to stay focused on the spiritual ... Read More

Trust the Presence of Spirit in Your Heart

Dear Jeff, Many, many meditators before you have struggled with this same challenge and have had to readjust their efforts to make meditation work for themselves. No effort toward the Infinite Spirit is “wrong.” And you have a very good ... Read More

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