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Should I Pray to the Saints?

Dear Sinai, Thank you for your thoughtful question. The understanding of who the saints are, how they became saints, whether they really know God, should we pray to saints and what helpful purpose do they have for us have always ... Read More

What Did the Burst of Energy in My Meditation Mean?

Dear Yasmin, What a beautiful blessing you experienced! How fortunate that at such a young age you have found the importance of meditation in your life. This may be, for you, a ‘reaping the benefits’ of past lives of meditation ... Read More

Overcome Karma With Meditation and Guru’s Blessings

Dear Ashok, Thank you for your inspiring question. You have now, with the study courses you are doing, answers that will help you overcome all obstacles with the practices of the Hong Sau, Om and Kriya Yoga techniques. This is ... Read More

Why Did My Husband Die Suddenly?

Dear Vijayalashmi, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. It is difficult to understand what appears to be a senseless loss of a loved one. Losing a husband in this surprising manner is particularly difficult. The “why” behind ... Read More

Spiritual Growth and Duties to Family Members

Dear Friend, You are right to say, “Can I love and appreciate those close family members but leave them behind?” That is exactly the best thing to do. It is only one lifetime that we are with particular souls as ... Read More

Developing Positive Energy in Turbulent Times

Dear Friend, This is indeed a time of turmoil and confusion. There are ways to develop the spiritual power to overcome agitation and remain calmly centered and choose the right thing. Yogananda did say that “people who are meditating and ... Read More

Finding Spiritual Growth in Unrequited Love

Dear Kanika, I am sorry to hear of your difficulties. It is especially difficult because of the length of time that your boyfriend and you have been together. Try to approach this trial of unrequited love with acceptance, trust and ... Read More

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