Opening the Heart for God’s Blessings


Currently I am going through an unknown anxiety. The reason is unknown. e.g. I used to drive few years back. But one small accident happened three years back and I completely lost my confidence to drive again. Though it was minor, but I hurt one man slightly. Due to this I keep on fearing and unable to drive, keep on thinking about it. Simultaneously I experience strong urge to grow on spiritual path. But due to this fear I feel I would be failure here as well. How to regain assurance ?

—Namita, India


Dear Namita,

Thank you for your question. There are many reasons for anxiety. I am not a medical person to give you clinical advice. But often anxiety has some unresolved basis to it. Here are some thoughts that may help.

Of course, the first thing I would suggest is meditation. During your day when you are busy, you might stop for 60 seconds or so and close your eyes and feel the beauty around you. That can be nature or the love of a dear one. If you have some form of meditation that you can do, it is helpful to develop a daily routine. Also, take care of yourself with a good diet, exercise, and even starting with 5 minutes of meditation. Take small steps. If you miss your planned routine, just recommit…no matter how many times. You will soon start to feel the doubt lessen which is paralyzing your confidence. Allow your inner voice to give you the reassurance and support so necessary on the spiritual path.

These small yet powerful steps will help you live in the here and now. Anxiety, fear, or regret can take less of hold on your consciousness when you are making an effort to be in the moment. Then the quietness of mind and heart, grounded in the present moment is like seeing a blue sky above the clouds. You will be living at a higher vibration, out of the clouds. Then there is space for change.

Also, check your inner and outer ‘sky’ for any feelings holding you back. Maybe you have not forgiven yourself for the ‘mistake’ of a few years back. God has forgiven you and loves you very much. If God forgives you, you can forgive yourself too. Failure is not permanent. It is part of the process of learning and growing. You cannot do anything that God doesn’t already know, understand, and forgive. It will help to offer your failures and successes to Him. He likes that. He will make good your deficiencies. When you rely on God, only then can He help transform you. If you can do that you will find you do not recognize yourself in a very short time.

In the language of your heart talk to God when you feel anxious or worried. That sincere kind of prayer is always answered by God. Opening your heart to Him allows Him to fill you with love and blessings.

Many blessings on your efforts,
Nayaswami Hassi