Are We in Kali Yuga or Dwapara Yuga?


Question from Patrick Johnson: I have read from Gurus Sai Baba, Sitaramdass Omkarnath and Haidakhan Babaji that we are in Kali Yuga and the greatest practice for liberation in this Kali Yuga is naam japa. I know this differs to what Paramahansa Yogananda says about us being in Dwapara Yuga. Why the difference of opinion between such great masters ? Did Paramhansa Yogananda ever…

Prophecies for the Road Ahead


Question from Siddharth Kumar: I was watching a video on end of time — anti-Christ, Armageddon, Rapture, building of third temple, Russia attacking Israel and other things. A lot of these prophecies have fulfilled already. I am confused . What are all these prophecies about? What the masters said about them? Is there is thing as end of world? Where does all this fit in the…

Why Does Dwapara Yuga Express in Some Countries, In Others Not?


Question from Siddharth Kumar: North American and European countries have transitioned rapidly into Dwapara Yuga (the new age of energy). India, China and other Asian countries are struggling to break free from Kali Yuga (dark age) mentality. Africa and the Middle East are still in the dark ages, and they don’t have a desire to move forward into the new era. If the Yugas…

What does Time-Annihilation In Treta Yuga Mean?


Question from Anonymous: I read in Autobiography of a yogi that Dwapara Yuga is an age of space-annihilators and Treta is age of time-annihilators. I understand space-annihilators, as there is no space between matter (quantum entanglement says so). But I do not understand time-annihilators. Please explain this to me.

Yuga Cycles


Question from Aran: Is there more than 1 earth,and do they have different yugas going on,do we born at different places on different planets,babaji told that he would live till everyone is reedemed,on which planet does he exist,did mahabharata happen in all planets?Can you see all the planets in meditation?

The Yugas


Question from Bahniman Kakati: I have read in books that there are four yugas; Kali, Dwapara, Treta & Satya. Also, that Kali yuga started just after Krishna left his body which lasted for 6000 years ascending and 6000 years descending before Dwapara ascending since 1900. 1. How long will Dwapara & Treta ascend and descend before ascending to Satya? 2. Is Satya yuga the…

Satya Yuga — the Golden Age


Question from Niraj Sharma: I know it for a fact that suffering is a result of a result of man’s transgressions of God’s laws. I also know that Paramhansa Yogananda was God realized and did not like people to be troubled by pain and suffering. My question will human civilization reach a stage where there will be no suffering or suffering almost negligible?

The Inherent Duality of Material Creation


Question from Wilma Jeuring: In studying the Yugas I understand that there is an upward tendency that takes many eons, but also a downward tendency. How is it possible that when we are at the utmost enlightened period, with high vibrations, there comes the downward movement again? Why can’t these high vibrations prevent the downward movement? Is it because it is part of our…

Can We Rise Above the Yuga in Which We Live?


Question from Regarding the yugas, is it not a personal and consequently a cultural choice as to what era one is living in? Karmically as well as physically and spiritually? Should not we all make a grander assumption for ourselves and just live in our own present time — not project antiquated notions on our societies and other persons? There are so many illumined…

Truth in the Ramayana?


Question from Kailash: Just a question that I wanted to ask out of curiosity — Are the tales in Ramayan true or mostly symbolic? My brother refuses to believe in the epic, for which I replied that most of the stories might have been symbolic ones created by saints in the past to explain Man’s battle with evil. But he needed an answer,…