What Does Time-Annihilation in Treta Yuga Mean?


I read in Autobiography of a yogi that Dwapara Yuga is an age of space-annihilators and Treta is age of time-annihilators. I understand space-annihilators, as there is no space between matter (quantum entanglement says so). But I do not understand time-annihilators. Please explain this to me.

—Anonymous, China


Dear friend,
Thank you for writing from China.

Yes, in the Autobiography of a Yogi Yogananda writes about Dwapara Yuga being “the age of telegraph, radio, airplanes, and other space-annihilators.” Suddenly, through such instruments, there is no more distance between, lets say America and China, because of TV, radio, cellphone, and so on. Even airplanes are a sort of space-annihilators.

Science will prove that space is an illusion, as in the quantum-entanglement which you mention. Very interesting and important.

But more importantly, Swami Kriyananda points out that humankind, as Dwapara Yuga progresses, will abolish the delusion of space. In other words, this is a development not only in science, but in our inner consciousness and perception.

Similarly in Treta Yuga. There might be time-annihilators: machines might take us into the past and to the future (at least as observers). The past will be in our view, the future too will within our grasp.

Science might discover something like “time-entanglement”, showing that there is no movement of time.

Yogananda writes in his Autobiography that Treta Yuga “will be marked by common knowledge of telepathic communications and other time-annihilators.”

So again, the main effect of Treta Yuga is not only concerning scientific devices and discoveries, but about an inner realization of people everywhere. Swami Kriyananda writes: “Treta Yuga is said to abolish the final delusion: time.”

Great Masters are able play with time, going backward and forward as they wish. Past, present, and future, they say, all happens simultaneously in the Eternal Now. In Treta Yuga this will become the common understanding of people everywhere. And science will prove it with their amazing discoveries. Time travel might become real.

I hope this answers your question.

All the best, jayadev