How to Protect Myself In Worldy or Negative Places?


Question from Devika: Recently I went to a pub with my office colleagues for dinner. I tried my best to keep my thoughts collected and centered in God, but it kept slipping. By the time I was out 2-3 hours later, I felt slight dizzy and intoxicated even though I didn’t touch alcohol. My question is: how do I keep myself centered? What…

Freeing Ourselves of Doubt and Fear


Question from Jayaprakashnarayanan v: I have always doubts, Swamiji. Inner fear also is in my mind. These two things make my mind miserable. How can I make my mind peaceful?

Dream of Fire and Burning Cross


Question from Nancy Hallman: Can you tell me what it means to dream that on a very populated street that I was to meet my husband on I see a blazing fire approaching with speed inside the wild fire is a huge image of an orthodox cross of Jesus crucified. It approached us very quickly then I grabbed my husband’s hand to escape and…

Is Yoga Allowed in Christianity?


Question from Tyler Alexander: Hey Ananda Villager, I’m schizophrenic (8 years suffering too much) and I am a christian. Do you know if the Lord allows Yoga in Christianity?

Aligning with truth and righteousness


Question from Dinesh: Hi. Truthfulness is one of the main important concepts of spirituality. I am suffering how to deal with it. For example, if my colleague or friend is doing unlawful or illegal work and it came to my notice. I will try to correct him/her but if they still follow same path. What should I do? 1. Ignore it completely 2.…

What is the Ego?


Question from saloni gulati: The medulla is the centre of ego, and the medulla is the path from where divine energy enters us. I want an explanation of it. When the ego dissolves and we enter superconsciousness, how is it that the medulla works for both cases?

Family life and the Spiritual Life


Question from Is it possible for married people who have produced children to attain spiritualism after they have completed their family duties. Can you give some recent examples of people who did that ?

Why Is There Never Time for Meditation?


Question from Marcela Ries: I live alone — so there is only one person to do all that is required to do life….. I know that meditation can help prioritize — yet — (especially in summer — with a very large garden) I have to accept that I never feel like there is time to have a conscious lifestyle (including meditation, kriya, exercise, conscious food purchase and preparation, enough sleep) plus all…

Why Are We Here?


Question from Vishwas: Hi Namaste, I have so many doubts & question to ask. please help me to get clarity in human life. Why we are here? what is the purpose of our life and what should be our aim?

How Do I Find My Spiritual Path?


Question from Michael: I am 57. For most of my adult life I have been a Catholic. That path has left me spiritually dry. There seem to be too many unanswered questions and things that don’t make sense. I’m trying to figure out if I should try to go deeper into that path or seek another path. I want to know the Divine…

Receiving Signs


Question from Heather: 2 years ago I was intrigued by the mystery of the universe that came in the form of signs. The very first sign I experienced was always seeing 1111 on the clock. This soon turned into seeing names and repeating numbers on every notification sent to me. My question is, why have I stopped recieving signs and divine guidance from…



Question from Trix: How can I develop my intuition? I am a beginner on this path and I want to develop my intuition power soon so as to align with dharma and also solve my problems. Can you suggest a good book on intuition?

Spiritual confusion


Question from Gunzan kumar hareet: I read a lots of books on spirituality and enlightenment, and now I am confused about what should I do now — because sometimes I feel that I am an enlightened person and sometimes not. What should I do?

Purpose of Life


Question from jishnu pillai: Does the life purpose really exist? If yes, how can find my life purpose?

I Can I Protect Myself From Negative Energies?


Question from J.K: I recently came back from a lovely 2-week retreat in Ananda Assisi. However I feel upon coming back I run into a lot of negative experiences and people. During the retreat it opened me up and made me kinder, etc., and many other great qualities. However I feel now I am an easy target for negative entities, and in a…

Meditation and worldly activity


Question from Kanishk: I meditate constantly day and night Aum in my mind wherever I am. Whenever I sleep and whenever I wake up, I think only of God and nothing else, Aum vibrates in my mind even when I am doing worldly activities. Now I have stopped enjoying all worldly comforts, everything now seems meaningless to me except him and he alone…



Question from Vikiirna Wenzel: I know and believe that our goal is to merge with and dissolve into God, in perfect Oneness. Still, I have this deep-seeded, powerful desire to feel this unique individual that I currently am be loved and appreciated. It’s a real ache inside. I guess I feel that God sees this self of mine as just an obstacle to be…

Why Is There Suffering in this World?


Question from Shefali: Why is there so much suffering in this world? For ages people have suffered, river of blood has spilled through out the ages. Also in animal kingdom, animals eat other animals even when they are alive and conscious.Armies torture Armies of enemy nation.Why has god made so much violence and pain inescapable at the moment of suffering.Why is there so…