Overcoming attachment and sensitivity


Question from Pereha: How to be detached? I am a very sensitive person and I tend to be very attached to people. When I realise that they’re friends with others or favour others over me I feel hurt , because deep inside i wish for someone who is for me only. I know that one for us is God alone, but I can’t…

Struggle to Surrender to God


Question from Rajat: Somehow I have been seeing repeated numbers like 1111, 111, 222 on a regular basis in highly unreal ways. Does it mean anything to see them? Secondly, For no reason I got into a very strange profession of a mind and life coach and a self-help books author. After extreme struggle I feel like surrendering to god as i cannot…

I Feel a Strong Urge to Tell People not to Judge. Why?


Question from Jessica: I have practiced meditation for some time now. I have tried many different types but have finally settled for mantra meditation with Aum. I have noticed that nowadays when I see or hear people treating others with impatience or judgement, I feel a strong urge to ask them not to be judgmental and instead try to be more patient and…

Anger and Dogmatism


Question from Lois T: Have come to understand 3 things tend to be intertwined to make all forms of irritation…anger pop up in my life. Those 3 things… My personal “Belief System”…leads to a kind of Rigidity…or “set in my ways”….leads to Flash Judgements of people, places and things…which leads to… Irritation…or Frustration…or pure Anger. So my question is how does one go about…

The Yearning for God


Question from Pooja Aggarwal: When will my problems end? When I will get my home?

Yogananda Experiencing Heat from a Disciple


Question from pushkar: Greetings Gurudev. Paramahansaji told some of his disciples that he felt a hot wave coming from them concluding that they were not suitable for monastic life.What is this hot wave? According to de Broglie we do not possess wavelike properties due to our huge mass.

Lucid Dreaming and Astral Traveling


Question from Daniel Ignacio Uribe Galaz: Hello! I would like to consult about lucid dreams and astral travel. There are authors who point out that these can be a valuable tool for spiritual work. Does Yogananda talk about them? Thank you very much.

Marriage vs. Renunciation


Question from Shubham: I am 25 year old man from India. Attaining god is the sole aim of my life. I am not interested in anything else. I don’t want to marry and live a worldly life. I have heard many times that god can be attained even while living a worldly life but I am very sure that I will not be…

How Do I Know whether I Am Making Spiritual Progress?


Question from Michel Metni: How would I know that I am on the right track and progressing. How would I know on what point I stand for achieving realization and what I need to achieve to reach my goal.

Do I have God’s Love?


Question from Andromeda: Why doesn’t God love me? I feel God has abandoned me, and why all my life God has put me through beyond Hell and back?