Can Kundalini Be Raised in Daily Life or Only in Meditation?


Question from sreeni: Hi Swami, Namaste Kundalini energy can be raised only during mediation time or any common hours? when I was reading I got a pain and it raised from the bottom of the spinal cord (no exactly from the middle of the spinal but right hand side of the spinal cord. Energy raising can happen somewhere around the spinal cord or…

How to Deal with Fear (Part 2)


Question from Tanya: Thank you for answering my question on fear. But this is continuation of same. You said God must be having bigger, brighter plans. When I see my parents now in their sixties, having a troubled and painful marriage, fighting and bitter language.. almost every day, what better and brighter plans should I hope for, I only have the option to…

How to Deal with Fear


Question from Tanya: I feel fearful about many things…about losing family members, job. Yogananda said fear comes from attachment.. can you give me a concrete solution to fix this… I pray, medidate… offer all. my activities to the ONE but circumstances happens such that i end up losing faith in him over and over. I can only trust what happens to me and…

Not Happy with My Job


Question from Abhishek Chhetry: I am in late twenties and have just started a career. But i am not happy with my specially because it requires a lot of hours of strenuous thinking. I would be more happy with a job which requires less mental and more physically involving job. Basically i just want to pursue a career which aligns with my interests and…

Why won’t God answer my prayers?


Question from Hmk: When I ask god for something small like good marks in an unimportant exam he gives it but when I wish for something big like winning a national competition or getting good marks in a career defining exam he never grants it.I do prayers , meditation then with deep stillness, devotion and concentration I ask him for it, still he…

Courage in Life and on the Spiritual Path


Question from Subramaniam Vijaya: Afraid of people who dominating me. Like husband parents siblings and friends. Want to leave this dramatic worldly life. Want to communion with god. Just started meditating and immediately realising on and off daily, it is a drama that is taking place, nothing is real me or others and all that is surrounding. Need nothing just communion with god. Sometimes…

I Have Material Desires, So Is the Guru Still Pleased With Me?


Question from pushkar: Greetings gurudev, Yogananda is coming in my dreams often now since I meditate a lot on him.Am I going closer to him?The problem is that I have few material wishes.Due to this I have a feeling that I might not be pleasing him.I am kind of confused.Kindly suggest as to what to do

The three aspects of mind


Question from Harish: Namaskaram. What is the difference between the Conscious, Subconscious, and Unconscious mind? Thank You.

The power of intuition


Question from Harish: Namaskaram. I’ve heard Vivekananda gained complete knowledge of a book by holding it in his hands without even opening it. And I also heard from Sadhguru JV that he can gather the knowledge acquired by any person who is in front of him directly from mind. What is this process called in yoga? How is it possible? How can we…