Why Is There Suffering in this World?


Question from Shefali: Why is there so much suffering in this world? For ages people have suffered, river of blood has spilled through out the ages. Also in animal kingdom, animals eat other animals even when they are alive and conscious.Armies torture Armies of enemy nation.Why has god made so much violence and pain inescapable at the moment of suffering.Why is there so…

Feeling Sad During Spiritual Practices


Question from Nidhi damle: Sir,when i start my spiritual sadhana of namasmaran that is chanting god’s name,it brings me anger,agitation,sadness,depression. these negative emotions happen to me while chanting and also after chanting throughout the mom says that reading spiritual books and doing sadhana makes me angry,agitated,sad, she told me to stop reading spiritual books and doing sadhana. 1. Why am i facing these…

Is Babaji More Powerful Than Shankarananda?


Question from pushkar: Greetings gurudev, Master related an unheard story of Babaji and Adi Shankaracharya with the latter becoming a disciple of the great master.Does this mean Babaji is spiritually more powerful than these exalted yogi? There must be some reason why master narrated this incident.What is that?

How Do I Stick With a Path?


Question from Siddharth Patel: Pranam!!! I am a 22 year old seeker after truth started walking spiritual path 3 years back. But on my path, I don’t have physical Guru nor someone in my environment who can guide me on the path of spirituality. So the problem I face is I don’t stick to one path only, I keep on changing my spiritual precepter…



Question from Devika: What is ascention code?My friend told me that in her pranic healing classes there’s this person who is being channelled by this great saint with a series of ascention codes.One just need to repeat those codes to achieve a hightened sense of inner conciousness. Can it be true? How does it work?

How Do I Attain Nirvana?


Question from Buddha: How can i attain nirvana? I do meditate often daily focusing on my natural breath but yet i haven’t progressed much spiritually but instead i’m losing progress i’m much more tensed and anxious these days. I just need liberation from this cycle of birth and death what should i do? Please provide guidance. Thankyou

Can Kundalini Be Raised in Daily Life or Only in Meditation?


Question from sreeni: Hi Swami, Namaste Kundalini energy can be raised only during mediation time or any common hours? when I was reading I got a pain and it raised from the bottom of the spinal cord (no exactly from the middle of the spinal but right hand side of the spinal cord. Energy raising can happen somewhere around the spinal cord or…

How to Deal with Fear (Part 2)


Question from Tanya: Thank you for answering my question on fear. But this is continuation of same. You said God must be having bigger, brighter plans. When I see my parents now in their sixties, having a troubled and painful marriage, fighting and bitter language.. almost every day, what better and brighter plans should I hope for, I only have the option to…

How to Deal with Fear


Question from Tanya: I feel fearful about many things…about losing family members, job. Yogananda said fear comes from attachment.. can you give me a concrete solution to fix this… I pray, medidate… offer all. my activities to the ONE but circumstances happens such that i end up losing faith in him over and over. I can only trust what happens to me and…