My Family Is Not Very Supportive of My Spiritual Interests


I’ve grown to love our Gurus and Krishna more than I’d ever image. My heart fills with so much joy when I meditate on Krishna and Guru. Now for my family (married side) are the ones who taught me about the kingdom and Jesus Christ which eventually led to Yogananda revealing himself to me. I love Jesus dearly but my the heart moves toward Guru and Krishna almost like I’ve been with them before. And for this my family thinks me strange for praying towards anyone other than Jesus Christ. How can family love the spirt of God and Jesus but can’t see the love through all the great masters?

—Don, United States


Dear Don,

One of the common tests of the devotee is the rejection or indifference of friends and family. Don’t be concerned about their views at this time. If you carry on with love and respect for them and hold forth with your devotion to the masters as you so lovingly described, all will be well. I’m not saying that their views will change but if they truly love you then their bottom line is your health (mental and physical) and well-being. If you remain equanimous and loving toward them, no matter your spirituality, that will be the most important.

Perhaps in time, the magnetism of your devotion and the grace of the masters may have an impact on one or more of them but better not to think about that. Make sure they know you respect their way and hope they respect yours but Jesus and the masters counsel us to accept the barbs and arrows of those who do not understand your love for God and gurus and to do so with equanimity and love.

Be calmly and quietly fearless, accepting and loving!
Nayaswami Hriman