Spiritual Protection for Baby


Question from Devika: When my son was few months old,I think he had nightmares. Suddenly he would wake up and cry uncontrollably.Once he was looking at the curtain intently as if someone is there and he won’t sleep.I am told babies do have nightmares.Even now sometimes he wakes up crying as if he had a nightmare.I dreamt one night that an evil spirit…

Should I Have Children?


Question from Tanya: We are married for 2 years and are in our early 30’s. We have been getting thoughts to have a child but we both fear it for all reasons: being able to provide the kid financial and emotional support, making him an independent strong person. I had gone through depression in the past and get easily bogged down by negative…

End of Life


Question from Pat Cummings: My daughter died recently at the age of 26. She was severely disabled. She was microcephalic, seizure disordered, blind, had a tummy tube for feeding, was spastic quadriplegic and functioned at 3 months. I adopted her when she was 5 years old, though she had been with me as a foster child since she was 11 months old. After 4…

How Can I Use Affirmations to Have a Healthy Birth?


Question from Hannah Aliya: Namaste! I am approaching the birth of my first child, I feel deeply this pregnancy is so perfect in God’s plan. Anticipation & excitement fill my headspace for the unmedicated birth I intend. I feel confident that I will be connected to the Divine during labor, however medical circumstances have placed me with a care provider that has caused some…

Sending Love After Death


Question from Barsha: Hello, I want to ask a question which always comes to my mind. My father died in a road accident 7 years ago. I want to know that is he watching me from wherever he is? Is he guiding me like before? Is a spiritual vibration coming from him?

Should We Have Children?


Question from Samuel Frederico: I’m 37 and my wife 36 years, we have been married for 10 years and we do not know yet if we want to have children. Sometimes we will, but we think our life is already wonderful, and we are afraid to worsen it with a child. We often consider this selfish feeling, to not give chance to another soul…



Question from Karan: My daughter is 6.5 years old and is starting to tell lies. How do I address this matter without getting too upset with her? How can I encourage and inspire her to be truthful always. She loves stories of Saints so maybe I could do something in that space? Any other ideas?

Sharing Meditation with Children


Question from Sarah: Blessings! I am a SRF student and mother of a young son. I was wondering what the appropriate age is for teaching meditation to children? Thank you for your response!

Yoga and Pregnancy


Question from lakshmi: I got married before 2 months, I am a regular yoga doer and now I am in a confusion of doing yoga. Is it good to do yoga after marriage and will it affect baby formation?

Meditating and Practicing Kriya Yoga While Pregnant


Question from Meghan O’Hare: Namaste, I am in my first trimester of pregnancy. I am a kriyaban, and while I want to be faithful to my vows to practice kriya 2X a day for at least 45 minutes, I am experiencing debilitating morning sickness/dizziness that lasts all day, as well as tailbone and sciatic pain, that make meditation difficult, particularly sitting meditation. I’m not…