Could it Be that Yogananda Is Protecting My Little Child?


My 1.5 yr. old son was having nightmares a few months back. So I had asked a healer friend to give him a healing. She told me while healing him she saw a tall man with curly hair overlooking him. She looked up and found that it was Yoganandaji!! Both of us were so overwhelmed by this! She said that Master was protecting my baby, as the baby is still very small and attached to the mother. Could it be true? Still, my baby has nightmares and gets very scared looking at something vaguely. What should I do?

—Devika, India


Dear Devika,

Of course, it can be true. Yogananda after his passing has many times appeared physically to people in flesh and blood. He also visits people on a subtle level. He might very well be watching over your little son, protecting him for some karmic reason.

What I would do if I were you is let your son wear a little necklace with Yogananda’s picture. This will give him extra protection.

Otherwise, good music is a powerful tool to which little children are receptive. Do you know Swami Kriyananda’s soft music, like “Secrets of Love”?  When your child falls asleep, play it. Create a peaceful atmosphere at home.

Do you meditate? Meditation has a deeply calming influence, and will positively affect your child. Could you try to meditate a little with your son is close to you, while he sleeps?

Of course, experienced mothers might give you further wise advice.

All the best, may Yogananda’s protection be with him and you always,