At Work I Don’t Get Any Recognition. Should I Quit?


Question from Tanya: I believe that respect is the baseline for two individuals, both on a personal & a professional level. I am a hard working employee, but have not been getting any recognition. Those who are performing less than me have still gotten moral boosting, but in my case i only work without any respect… it’s like I’m there until the company…

The Right Way to Earn Money


Question from varun: I am 26 years old, started my career a couple of years ago. I believe in doing the things with right intent will get us success/good karma. But many friends of mine increase their professional experience unrealistically to get a job and they are able to do the job good. They are paid around 100k but a genuine guy gets…

What is keeping him from finding a job?


Question from SP: Namaste! My sister’s husband is facing problems in his job front for 11 years. Either he doesn’t get a job or even if he gets one, he is fired from his job very soon because he either falls sick or some circumstances arise that leads to his termination. He tried his business which ran successfully for 2.5 years but failed…

Dharma in Career


Question from Ankita Mishra: Hello sir, I am a 21 year old girl , recently completed my graduation and want to do something but dont know why whenever i am going to start or take a step for that there comes many problems . And at that time i feel i will never be able to achieve my goals. I was in relationship with…

Dharma in Career


Question from Vani: Namaste!My question is how does one find their soul purpose according to the life plan?I have heard that earning money through such means automatically brings both abundance and joy.What is the best method for one to get clarity to choose the right career which is our soul calling so as to attain both satisfaction and prosperity? Thank you, Vani

Can I Be Spiritual and Financially Successful?


Question from Shantanu: My question might be a regular one. In fact I don’t know where to begin. 1. Can spirituality and acquiring worldly knowledge go hand in hand? 2. I care about my parents, I want to take care of them which takes money. So I run for money. But spirituality says money is hindrance. On other hand you need it for…

What is my Dharma in regards to work?


Question from Kailash: Hello there. I’m having a problem considering whether to join for a nightshift work, or not. I believe meditation can be the key here, but I’m afraid whether a nightshift work may cause problems to me spiritually. Please do answer. Thank you.

Energy & Confidence!


Question from Ayo: Hi, i am 29 years with no job and no work experience. I finished frm university in 2011 with a degree in computer science but i dont think i can defend my result. I am always scared of trying things out. I am married with a kid. Please help me out.

Should I Help My Colleague in the Corporate World?


Question from Tanu: Should Krishna’s teaching in the Gita be followed in the corporate world, where people are constantly trying to show their visibility and highlighting other’s faults in order to achieve rewards and job security? When I was new to the company for which I work, I received no help, in fact my mistakes were highlighted by a senior member and then…

Shall I Follow My Passion?


Question from Vesna: I started my masters in technology (maybe under influence of society and people around) in Germany 6 months ago. But now I feel that I am not following one of my passions (Music, History, Languages, etc). What is more important if I want to grow spiritually? Completing the course( duty of student life) or following the passion?

Career and Spirituality


Question from Purnendu: When I entered law school I was absolutely clear that I wanted to be a lawyer and a social reformer.Then I started reading Gita, Upnishads and all other scriptures of all religions. Six years down the line I am pretty messed up in head, I still want to be a lawyer and reformer but now the fire is very low…

What Is My Dharma?


Question from Mahesh s: I feel alone in a crowd.I start hating my job which I loved so much and where I was working for last eighteen years.I feel like leaving the job but fear of earning daily bread is pulling me back.I feel as if i am in a battlefield fighting a fierce battle with me. Please help me out.

Attune to the Divine Plan for Your Life

A soul who is guided by cosmic wisdom knows that he came to this earth principally for the divine plan, through the medium of his own past actions.

A Job Search, a Karmic Block, and a Call to Action


Question from rajesh: I am well qualified yet i am not able to sustain myself financially. What is the reason? Is it some karmic drawback? I also live under constant fear, anxiety, and tension. How do I overcome them?

What Is the Best Career to Follow?


Question from anvita: How do I figure out what I want in life ? My parents always tell me that to succeed in the world follow your passion but I dont know what is it that I want. Whenever I try something new I get bored by it. I cannot decide which career I should take and I am feeling very hopeless now…

Dwapara Healing: Laughter, Meditation, and Attunement

If I could choose only a single piece of advice to give to the followers of Paramhansa Yogananda on how to stay healthy and well, I would say attunement with the Guru is the most important thing because everything else will flow from that attunement.

How to Find Spiritually Uplifting Work


Question from Rush: I’ve had it with the ‘job world.’ Selfish and ego-environments everywhere; it is next to impossible to be openly spiritual because any personality differences against the ‘norm’ can be used against you. They don’t even need a good reason to fire you — you know how it is! I want to work (not retire to the forest), but I need…

Overcoming Fear Due to Past Actions


Question from Vivek: I had a bad past because of my doings in my life, irresponsible, immature, fear, ego which resulted in a great failure. I’ve been training myself how to overcome all this and attain success, and I’m pretty sure things have changed since then. My real problem is I now have an aim in my life, which is hard to achieve,…

Finding My Inner Vocation


Question from Rachel: Hi there, I am struggling to find my inner vocation that suits me. I thought studying was what I wanted to do. I moved to a new place, gave up my job and became a full-time student. Now I want to try this other path and I am unsure if it is what I really want, since my last endeavor…

Never Give Up


Question from Govinda raj: Guruji, Thirteen years back for worldly riches and happiness I entered a spiritual path . Unbrokenly I am meditating leaving all worldly responsibilities. But I don’t know. I lost my career and am in extreme debt. I don’t know what to do. Please help. I am 40yrs old, unmarried. Living with mom and sister’s family, from their earnings.