As a Spiritual Aspirant I have Developed a Resistance to My Work. Why?


I am used to seeing the yellow circle and a nice little bright purple light in between. After the Hong Sau practice I feel being pulled into interiorization. But my question is this: I am an architect practicing on my own. I love designing and my field of practice. However, as my meditation goes deeper, I feel a great resistance in doing my design or other tasks related to profession. Is this normal? What is happening?

—Arthi, india


Dear Arthi,

It is wonderful that you see the spiritual eye, at least partly, with the yellow circle and the purple light within it. This is a real blessing. Receive it as such.

The interiorization experience is marvellous too. This is what Yogananda teaches: the Hong-Sau technique should withdraw our energy and consciousness from the surface of the body, within. Deeply enjoy that divine feeling.

About your question: your resistance is a normal feeling, meaning that it is experienced by many: worldly things, work, outer activities simply don’t attract us anymore.

However, the way our Guru teaches is not to withdraw from the world and our activity. Rather it is to spiritualize it: you can make your designs as a channel of God. You can learn to let His inspiration flow through you. You can become an instrument of love for your colleagues. You can keep God’s presence with you all the time. You can take the blessings of meditation into your work, radiating it outward. You can pray to be used, as the Divine wants to use you, especially on a vibrational level.

In this way, Yogananda taught, work helps meditation, and meditation helps work.

Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita teaches action, but free from egoistical desire, just as an instrument of the Divine: “He is the Doer, through me.”

Our Master explains that “to fulfill one’s earthly responsibilities is indeed the higher path, provided the yogi, maintaining a mental uninvolvement with egotistical desires, plays his part as a willing instrument of God.”

So yes, what is happening to you is normal, in the sense of being a common experience, but the answer is not to resist your work. It is to make it a conscious part of your yogic path. So say “yes” to your work, as it is a work in God and for your soul.

God bless you,