How Did Yogananda Benefit India?


Question from Pushkar: Greetings. Yogananda came to India in 1935 (returning after 15 years in the West), during which India was under British rule. My question is: how did Yogananda’s visit benefit India? Didn’t the British try to harm Yogananda? After all they must have been terrified by the fact that he could have easily freed India.

God Realized Master


Question from Niraj: Did Yoganandaji ever claim that he was God-realised? Or maybe after he departed from this world he reached the highest state, ie, God-realised nirvikalpa samadhi?

When will Yogananda be reborn?


Question from David St. Clair: 30 years ago I read a quote from one of Yogananda’s books where he stated that his next rebirth would be in something like 150 years at a center of learning, high in the himalayas, at a time of great technological advancement and when the world would be in great peace. What book is this from and how many years…

A dream of performing miracles


Question from Pushkar: Greetings gurudev, Recently I had a dream in which I performed some miracles like the Masters. Is this a good sign of spiritual progress? I am not attached to miracles, but I would like to know how Yogananda able to exhibit undreamed-of proficiency in other fields? Did he use any technique. Kindly waiting for your reply.

Who Was Jesus’s Guru?


Question from Feo: Did Yogananda say what the name of Jesus’s sisters were? 2. Did Yogananda say who the guru of Jesus was?

Contradictions in the Bible


Question from Feo: What does Yogananda say about all the contradictions that are in the bible ? This is one of many examples: John 10:30, “I and my Father are one.” And John 14:28. “Ye have heard how I said unto you, I go away, and come again unto you. If ye loved me, ye would rejoice, because I said, I go unto…

Three Different Questions


Question from RO: I have a few question that may be a bit strange. As Yogananda is an avatar, can he communicate with animals, plants and insects? If you feel a very strong connection to a country lets say France but you have never been in France could that mean in a past life you were living in France or were French? And…

Dreaming of the Guru and a Deity


Question from Mohan Kumar: I have dreamt of Paramhansa Yogananadaji passing by on a white horse with white dress, and he just smiled at me and moved on what does it mean,? Same day I saw Hanumanji idol in dreams floating in a pond. He came towards me with pearls and diamond? Can you please answer.

What Is the Tree of Life?


Question from Dave Steiner: I believe Yogananda referred to the “tree of life,” per mentioned in the bible, as the human body. Could you confirm that, and perhaps even tell me where I can find that account. Thanks.