After-death Astral Journey


When we die is yogananda there to help us cross over

—Doreen korenblitt, United States


Dear Doreen,

Swami Kriyananda quotes Paramhansa Yogananda saying that to those who stay loyal to this path (of discipleship) to the end of life, he, or one of the masters, will be there to greet us upon our arrival back to the astral world. I don’t view this as a conditional statement, that is, one of “quid pro quo” so much as the assurance of God’s love, protection and comfort through the agency of the gurus.

What we can understand from his statement is that God’s love is always there. It is our own love and attention that may need strengthening. Our passage back to the astral world is our final exam from this world and insofar as it is natural enough to be concerned about that final exam, Yogananda promises to be there with us. This promise is intended to both reassure and encourage us to remain steadfast and true in our discipleship. It is not intended to make us anxious, however, for it is a promise. The Bhagavad Gita speaks of the importance of our attitude and consciousness at the time of death but generally our final exam reflects how we have lived and as we deepen our discipleship that bond will remain through the final exam and through the portal to the astral heavens above.

Blessings to you,
Nayaswami Hriman