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How Can I Develop My Astral Sense Perceptions?

Dear Friend, The rishis of yoga have revealed that the physical human body is one of three “bodies.” Like bottles of water encased one inside the next, we (and indeed everything in creation) comes first as an idea (causal body); ... Read More

How to Deal With Pain and Suffering

Dear Aisshvarya, Oh my: there are so many stories of people being told they had but a few months to live and instead have lived for years! Yes, life itself is not just a miracle but full of miracles. However, ... Read More

In Meditation I Felt a Gravitational Pull. Is This Normal?

Dear Nitesh, In meditation, it is normal to become aware of subtle energy movements. Rarely is such an experience of any concern and generally it carries no special significance. As these experiences have a tendency to distract the meditator, there ... Read More

How to Stop Kundalini Rising

Dear Friend, At this distance and with no more information than what you have written, let me reframe the question into terms more commonly experienced. A person is afflicted with, say, an undiagnosed ailment for which no obvious treatment has ... Read More

My Father Has a Terminal Illness. What Can I Do to Uplift His Energy?

Dear Devika, Let us first begin with acknowledging that each of us, at some point in life, at many points in life (for some), must cope with illness and pain (whether physical or emotional). While it is difficult to have ... Read More

What Is the Most Effective Meditation Technique?

Dear Jeffito, The most effective meditation technique is that which brings you to a state of inner stillness; to deep peace; overwhelming love; and bursting joy (just to name a few aspects of “Infinite consciousness!”) Seriously, however, (and the above ... Read More

I’ve Been Feeling an Increasing Vibration in My Throat. What to Do?

Dear Arbi, Does this vibration and subsequent throat pain only exist in meditation or also during daily activity? I cannot help but wonder if the pleasant experiences (euphoric etc.) are unrelated to the throat pain. The throat discomfort, especially if ... Read More

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