Nayaswami Hriman and his wife, Nayaswami Padma, are Spiritual directors of Ananda Washington State. Prior to this, Hriman served as financial director at Ananda Village while Padma helped publish Swami Kriyananda’s books.

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How Can I Unblock My Self-Love?

Dear Nadia, Let us first ask whether “self-love” is ego-love or divine-love? How can we love the ego which has its unending ups and downs of positive and not so lovable thoughts and actions? To truly establish “self-love” we must ... Read More

I Think My Nervous System Is Damaged From My Lifestyle. Can Meditation Help Me?

Dear Walter, I turn 70 years old next week, though I still do a little yoga (postures) everyday — but I especially enjoy the Energization Exercises. They make the body feel alive and happy, even when there are aches and ... Read More

I Struggle With Both Worldly and Spiritual Life. I’m Also Having Trouble Committing to One Path.

Dear Sean, So many choices! Yours is an instance where the practice, “Chop wood and carry water,” comes in handy. As Lahiri Mahasaya put it long ago, “Banat, banat, ban jai!” [Doing, doing, soon done!] To use another example: It ... Read More

Do Medications Interfere with Meditation?

Dear Patrick, What I have learned about medications such as these is that they remain very experimental and their results vary widely, and not necessarily consistently, over periods of years. This is not a criticism, because I know of numerous ... Read More

How Can I Be Selfless, But Not Overdo It?

Dear Leah, As so many others have shared (including the famous prayer by St. Francis), we can’t control the reactions and responses of others. Our duty is to ourselves and our own reactions. Examine yourself inwardly, asking, “Why do I ... Read More

I Am Married, Yet I Feel Attracted to Another

Dear Friend, Your dilemma is as old as humanity. I will paraphrase the teachings of old: “That which, at first, seems unpleasant and difficult, in the end, becomes sweet. That which, at first, seems delightful and pleasing, in the end, ... Read More

Can I Ask My Guru to Use My Body to Pay Off My Karmic Debt?

Dear Andy, It has long been offered as perennial wisdom to “Be careful what you ask (pray) for!” Jesus put it this way: “Sufficient unto the day are the troubles thereof.” (Don’t go asking for trouble!) Remember the folktale about ... Read More

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