Nayaswami Hriman and his wife, Nayaswami Padma, are Spiritual directors of Ananda Washington State. Prior to this, Hriman served as financial director at Ananda Village while Padma helped publish Swami Kriyananda’s books.

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With Whom Should We Share Spiritual Teachings?

Dear Kyle, I’ve often thought of that quote as proving Jesus did have a sense of humor, however dry-witted and perhaps slightly sarcastic it might have been. Jesus himself preached to crowds and exhorted his disciples to preach the gospel. ... Read More

Are We Seeing the Social Change — Revolution — That Yogananda Spoke of?

Dear Candice, You may indeed be correct. What I’ve been saying to friends is that we can expect increasing levels of social unrest: perhaps triggered unexpectedly and suddenly by events that may or may not seem to justify the response. ... Read More

“Incel” and Healthy Attitudes for Men and Women

Dear Mirza, I’m not a sociologist or one who studies and follows modern trends around attitudes and relations between men and women, but I do observe that the roles and relationships between men and women are evolving. The archetypal picture ... Read More

Worldly Success Versus Spiritual Success

Dear Yogesh, My goodness. Perhaps you should travel to these countries. There are many devout lovers of God in these so-called “rich” nations. Moreover, there are many poor in these countries, and while “luxury” is a relative term, few would ... Read More

Why Can’t I See the Spiritual Eye?

​Dear friend, Not everyone sees the spiritual eye ​right away. For some it can take several years, if it comes at all.​ It is a gift of the divine. Some ​devotees never see or experience inner consolations such as light ... Read More

What Is Adultery?

Dear Brian, You raise questions that have been debated for centuries and by millions! A simple response by email seems a bit daunting but worthy of the effort. Ok, so some background is needed, drawn from the teachings of Paramhansa ... Read More

Residency at Ananda Village

Dear Suzanne, Congratulations and blessings upon your journey to Self-realization! Your note doesn’t say where or how far from Ananda Village you live, but a visit there would be an excellent start. Of course, right now travel is restricted, and ... Read More

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