Nayaswami Hriman and his wife, Nayaswami Padma, are Spiritual directors of Ananda Washington State. Prior to this, Hriman served as financial director at Ananda Village while Padma helped publish Swami Kriyananda’s books.

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How to Heal Family Strife

Dear Friend, I am so sorry to hear of this family discord, and so soon after your father’s passing. You seem to be a natural peacemaker among your quarreling family members. You don’t indicate that you have any other options ... Read More

What Is the Soul?

Dear Friend, In general terms, yes, “higher Self” refers to the individual soul and the “lower self’ is the ego and personality identified with the body. While different schools of thought may place different emphases on specific words, like “atman” ... Read More

Shall I Write Letters to a Saint?

Dear Nityaa! Yes, of course: do write letters. I love to write letters. (In the case of saints, what’s the address?!) Rather than run a monologue through your mind throughout the day, run a dialogue with God and the gurus! ... Read More

Soreness From Long Meditation

Dear Sam, If you are feeling physical discomfort, I think it’s safer to assume the cause is also physical: meaning that during a longer meditation period your posture and head position must have been off slightly with perhaps some underlying ... Read More

Why Do Millions Suffer Back Pain?

Dear Frank, Thank you for your question born of sympathy and compassion. Hmmm, well: we all will die, too, right? What did we do to deserve that? The great ones, saints and sages down through ages, attempt to share with ... Read More

I Need Help With My Teenage Stepsons

Dear Marcel, I feel for your difficulty as there are few circumstances in modern life as challenging as being a stepparent to teenagers. It has been well said down through the ages that “Patience is the quickest route to God!” ... Read More

Knot-Points in the Mahabharata

Dear Jeff, The “knot-points” revealed by Lahiri Mahasaya (and expanded upon by others in the lineage, that is, Swami Sri Yukteswar and Paramhansa Yogananda) in the great epic of the Mahabharata are found in the names of the main characters. ... Read More

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