My Coworkers Criticize My Performance, As If I’m Never Good Enough


I work in a highly stressful job where every decision matters, but it seems like no matter what I do it’s never good enough. Despite the fact I’m trying my best, it feels like it’s never enough for my coworkers and they feel like they need to have a “talk” with me about my performance. However if they make mistakes on the same level or worse, then it is no big deal. I just don’t understand why I’m experiencing this or how to make it stop, where it feels like everyone is against you?

—Natalie, USA


Dear Natalie,

Have you tried to honestly talk with your coworkers about your feelings and thoughts? You might find what is really happening. Sometimes, for example, such behavior expresses a frustration which is caused by something totally different (they are unhappy; jealousy; they are bothered by something else you do; they feel threatened). You may openly tell them, “I feel you are against me, why? What is bothering you?”

Or here is a second possible scenario: maybe life is simply telling you to try even better, and these critics are in truth your best friends, for your growth, to improve. Could that be?

Another possibility is that in the end you discover that it is all just meanness, human littleness, cutting off the other’s head in order to be taller: in that case learn to defend yourself, to keep your dignity and sense of self-worth.

Another possible cause for your situation: sometimes others don’t value us because deep down, we don’t value ourselves. Can that be what is happening?
A last scenario: sometimes at work there is mobbing going on. If that is the case, you have to decide if it’s best to fight, to silently live with it being inwardly undisturbed, or to leave eye place.

These are just thoughts, as I don’t know your exact situation. So I am not sure if any of these scenarios applies to your situation. I hope you find the way, the solution, the positive side of it all, which means, your inner growth.

In divine friendship,