I Have a Lot of Debt and Troubles. What to Do?


Dear Ma'am /Sir,

I have lots of problems in my life: problems are increasing day by day, year by year. I have so much debt. I did it all for my parents, but got trapped in bank system and my debt, day by day, is increasing. Also my father has lots of debts, I want to free him from them, but am not able to do so. Now I am too tired. What has happened with me, spiritually? Any negative spirits? I am not able to live my life happily. Please give me an answer. Always I cry: what to do next?

—Rahul Soni, India


Dear Rahul,

This, like all situations, comes to you because you need to learn an important lesson. Everything happens for a good reason. You had good intentions: to free your father from dept. That is a noble intention. But things went wrong. Why?

Don’t seek the answer in negative spirits. Rather seek the answer in any mistake in thought or behaviour in yourself. Don’t judge yourself for it. Simply try to analyze, learn, and to improve.

What can you do right now to get out of debt, avoiding the same mistakes as before? What does really work? What can you do, with the strength and ability you have available?

Know that for every trouble there is a solution. Often we find it better if we calm our minds in meditation and pray to God for guidance. Have you done so? You might get the greatest inspirations of how to move on from here, to do a good next step.

Something else: do you have a successful friend, a true friend, who can advise and help you? That too might make a difference.

The most important point is: never give up, even though you are tired right now. Meditate, pray fervently for help, guidance, assistance, and then do your very best. You can resolve this situation. And then you will have learned an important lesson.

God bless you, may you find your path toward a solution,