How to Find the Right Job


My Respect to Yogananda...

Recently am thinking about change of job.. Though interview process are successful i couldn’t get the offer.. being stressed and confused these days. A small plan and thoughts regarding my carrier even not happening.. And my thoughts are always around it. How i believe in planing on my future and children s future.. I don’t know how to be happy. And wat makes me happy.. awaiting for ur reply...

—Karthika M, India


Dear Karthika,

Place your trust in Divine Mother: “I am thine, Mother, be Thou mine!” In Autobiography of a Yogi, the levitating saint, Bhaduri Mahasaya, was reputed to have renounced wealth to follow the spiritual path. He was quoted saying: “The divine order arranges our future more wisely than any insurance company. The world is full of uneasy believers in an outward security. Their bitter thoughts are like scars on their foreheads. The One who gave us air and milk from our first breath knows how to provide day by day for His devotees.”

I am not suggesting passivity, but contentment (santosha). Do your present work with energy and enthusiasm, as an offering to God without thought of its “fruits.” The magnetism of your energy and devotion will draw to you what you need for both personal fulfillment and income. If you feel like continuing looking for available positions, fine, do so but without expectation, anxiety or attachment. Do so only to see if Divine Mother is guiding you. If no job offer is received, well, that’s fine too. As Lahiri Mahasaya put it, “Banat, banat ban jai!” (Doing, doing, soon….done!)

The secret of success is non-attachment coupled with energetic will and devotion: or, as Krishna counsels us the the Gita: nishkam karma. (Action without desire for its fruits.)

May you live in the light of soul freedom!
Nayaswami Hriman