Career Choices


I ask god daily for guidance regarding my career or purpose in my life but I am Confused Unable To Choose The Right Path in My Career .

—Vedant Pandey, India


Dear Vedant,

Guidance often comes as a result of the steps one takes in the direction of what seems the right to you. And, just as often, the right steps are those that are right in front of you. We often contemplate new directions, or drastic changes, or wholly new circumstances when what we need to do is right there. Those new directions, moreover, might generate confusion because they could be:

  1. impractical at the moment;
  2. beyond your current karma and magnetism;
  3. based on desire (or fear);
  4. or, based on imagination.

Why do I say this? Simple: examine the lives of successful people, whether saints, scientists, artists or billionaires and you’ll find that they have 1) clarity 2) confidence 3) are non-attached to failure 4) energy 5) and take practical step-by-step actions towards their goal.

Swami Kriyananda — a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda and founder of Ananda — made these helpful statements: 1) Clarify what you want, and 2) Action is clarifying! These are two sides of the coin of magnetism: the focused energy that draws to one the goals one seeks.

So, for now? Pray not so much for guidance but for clarity as to what is right for you to do at this time. Focus your energy and attention on the duties that are yours at this time. Choose one direction that you think might be the right one to take, and take small steps to accomplish it. While doing so, pay attention to your intuitive feelings of calmness, clarity and a sense of rightness. Obstacles to your goal are not a sign that your goal isn’t right. Sometimes obstacles are a test of your will power and resolution to accomplish your goal. (In expressing will power, however, it shouldn’t be done to hurt anyone or with anger or frustration. Will power properly applied to a legitimate goal is calmly focused on finding solutions.)

Yogananda gave to Swami Kriyananda this advice: “Be practical in your idealism!” Continue with your devotions and meditations and serve God in all whom you meet and work with. In time the flower will blossom and then the fruit will fall into your hands.

Nayaswami Hriman