Why Am I Not Successful in My Career?


hello .i wanted to get answer to my this question..i was a good student alwys worked very hard only fr one career in my lyf..bt after giving all my best its been decade now ..every tum wenever i tried to do work some unexpected unavoidable reason comes in between and outcome is i didnt get to job.now after so many hurdles finally i quit this wish to be successful in this career .in this situatin i now focus on my family lyf peacefully & spiritual lyf.

.bt reason i wnted to know y it happend2me

—sushma, india


Dear Sushma,

I am sorry to hear of your career difficulties. Generally speaking, when our tests arise without an obvious cause on our part, we can assume it’s past karma. In all cases, our challenges are opportunities to learn, grow and improve. But when it appears that the challenges are not related to any shortcoming in our effort, we usually are unable to know why or how.

Always the important thing is how we respond to our difficulties. In your case, perhaps the opportunity here is, as you have done, to let go of the importance of achieving success in your career in order to put more emphasis on family and your spiritual life. Are you able, then, to focus on your family life and your spiritual life without the income from a career?

Please do, however, avoid blaming others or circumstances for the challenges you faced. Even if you do not know what part your karma may have played, it would be good to persist patiently and intelligently with willpower to do your best until the karma is paid off and you achieve some success. But since you have quit the career, this may no longer be a relevant suggestion but should you ever go back into your career, you will want to apply your effort and invoke God’s grace so that you can accomplish your worthwhile tasks. Ok? For now, apply yourself diligently to your family life and your spiritual life!

Blessings upon you!
Nayaswami Hriman