Healthy Pregnancy and Past Karma


I'm suffering with hormone imbalance (PCOS) problem. Is this my previous birth karmic affect? How can I overcome this and get healthy pregnancy?

—Sravanthi, India


Dear Sravanthi,

Thank you for your question. I know of two women that have had this PCOS condition. Both women, now, have lovely children. I can say, with certainty, that it is treatable and no longer a problem after seeking medical intervention.

Have you seen a health practitioner? Do so, if possible, as soon as you can. I am sure this issue can be resolved with that help.

Sometimes our past karma surfaces only to help us learn how to use our energy more effectively, and to find the answer by applying more concentrated energy. Thus we overcome all past tendencies. The very effort, in itself, may satisfy any karmic debt and help us be free of it.

Try to see this as necessary effort for a solution and as preparing you for the future role of motherhood. Pray for the beautiful soul that is to come. Pray, with gratitude, for the opportunity to serve God this way.

Many blessings on your efforts. At the same time, ask God for His help and guidance in finding the solution. In the language of your heart, after meditation, with self-offering ask Him to bless you that you can follow His guidance and do His will alone.

Joy to you,
Nayaswami Hassi