Helping Your Child Grow Spiritually


My son is 3 yrs old. When I put him to sleep instead of the lullabies I sing the chants and he loves chanting too. The other day I made him sit and say a prayer and he did! Can you please suggest what would be an appropriate prayer for his age? What else I can do that is both fun at the same time facilitates his spiritual growth?

—Devika, India


Dear Devika,

How wonderful when parents focus on this aspect of their children’s lives and enhance the spiritually of their children! Well done! Here are some ideas.

Prayers from the heart are best, of course. You could model simple heartfelt prayers such as:

Dear God, Please come into my body, mind and soul. Bless my family and friends and the whole world. Help me do the right thing and to know better how to please you.

Dear God, Help me to be still and find peace and know that You are there. I love You.

Also, singing is a beautiful way to lift the child’s spirit. Some the songs that are very magnetic for children are: Guide Me, Lord and Of His Dreams Our Love Was Made.

The words are:

Guide me, Lord, throughout this day,
In all I do, in all I say.
Tell me when I go astray,
Hold me in Thy Light.

Help me see that Happiness
Comes not with wanting more but less.
Teach me all my friends to bless,
Hold them in thy light.


God is our father, our mother too.
God is our dearest treasure.
God’s ever near, the one friend who
Loves us without any measure.
Of His dreams our love was made.
Only from Him is love repaid.

Let us in gladness all live for Him.
Serve Him in every season.
Serve Him with thought, with hand and limb.
Love Him without any reason.
God befriends us as we are,
Fools we who hold His love afar.

You can make up hand motions or dance to go with these songs. Just improvise and do what feels fun! This will create and inspire love.

The words are beautiful to listen to and sing too. These are available on iTunes on All the World Is My Friend. Also, two other great resource are the books I Came from Joy and Supporting the Inner Life of Your Child both published by Crystal Clarity Publishers.

In addition is Whispers from Eternity, which has a section on Prayers for Children: beautiful prayers for children to hear and repeat.

Most of all is your example and love of God and loving prayers to Him. Making God your very own and showing the connection you have and cherish, is the best way to instill a longing for God that will last beyond childhood. Your child will surprise you and come up with their own ways to show their innate love of God. You will help to guide and open the channels that already exist within each of us.

Many blessings on your efforts.

Joy to you,
Nayaswami Hassi