How to Keep Positive Influences for Our Children


I feel I am wrestling with celebrities to raise kids. 1)eccentric flamboyant dressing is marketed by celebrities as a sign of creativity, expression of individuality without fear, proof of genius. 2)celeb nudity on social media accounts/magazines is considered a healthy expression of self.3)successful scientists/ businessmen kids look up to consider religion a fairytale inconsistent with science. acc. to my kids, I’m old-fashioned eastern, while this behavior is normal in the west. Advice?

—Karen, Cyprus


Dear Friend,

Many parents are deeply concerned, as you are, about the force of negativity on today’s children. You are not old-fashioned in your concern, and being proactive is great and the right thing to do! Having raised 4 children myself and now having 2 grandchildren, I understand this problem personally, and my heart goes out to all parents and their children. This time of turmoil in the world that we have surrounding us everywhere can be overwhelming and confusing–especially for children.

We have to find ways to protect our children and guide them at the same time, making them aware of where their choices will take them. Be sure that your own inner connection with goodness and truth is strong. That will be the greatest guide for your children’s inner life. When they watch you and learn by your example of being calm and centered: that will set the tone and be a beautiful standard for them to see. They will look to see how you make your choices!

First and foremost, the best way to protect and guide children, at any age, is by visualizing them in light and love and surrounding them with your prayers. Prayer will a have a lasting influence on a child. Then they are blessed in very significant ways. Prayer helps to keep their hearts open. When the heart closes then it is closed to the positive influences that you have to offer them. Just the simple prayer of your heart, asking for blessing and protection from God, is what God responds to best.

Also, be involved with other parents who are trying to raise conscious children. Do try to network with other parents and teachers of the Education for Life world. Have you read the Education for Life book by Swami Kriyananda?

On the Education for Life website there are available many resources and wonderful publications that will help you. The parent classes are powerful with many ideas and practical suggestions for you. One of the books, Calm and Compassionate Children, by Susan Usha Dermond, is so inspiring. There are many others too. There are long-time teachers available to help on that site.

Many blessings on your wise efforts to guide your children to a better world. Joy to you!
Nayaswami Hassi