Is this a time of crisis?

Nayaswami Pranaba

Question from Ganesh: Jai Guru, On one of the talks I heard Swamiji say this this planet is in a crisis and a downturn and because of global warming it may stop spinning. Swamiji and other people state that this is an age of energy which Yukteshwar named Dwapara Yuga. That means this planet is ascending towards higher awareness. Will these kind of…

Global warming and the tides of time

Question from Will: Do the changing Yugas have anything to do with Global Warming and Climate Change. I saw a program that stated the fossil record shows that many animals not normally found in or near the Arctic Circle were found to have lived close to it many thousand of years ago. Is there a written record showing what events took place during…


Cycles of time (Yugas) and evolution of consciousness

Nayaswami Gyandev

Question from Vinay Kumar: Hello dear friend, i have read from Swamiji that the transition of yugas happens because of sun’s motion around the centre of galaxy. Could you elaborate as to how and why this motion affects human evolution… as is said that nature’s workings are unveiled more and more in higher yugas, how exactly and why this happens? what about other planets..…