Ignorance in Dwapara Yuga (present age)


Greetings... I just wanted to ask the role of ignorance in this Dwapara Yuga. We've all read of what evolutionary changes come in the yugas, but what about the behavior of ignorance. I've already had good share of ignorance being in the form of "Scientific truths" and "laws of this and that". Are these the version of ignorance in this age? Ignorance being in the form of supposed knowledge? People are using science to spread ignorance. What do you feel? :-)

—Vinay , India


Hello Vinay,

Until we’re Self-realized, there is ignorance. It will manifest in different ways in different people and in different yugas, but it’s the same seed thought: that we are the body and personality, not the soul.

The ascending Dwapara Yuga that we’re now in manifests ignorance in its own distinctive ways.

One is that our collective wisdom has not kept pace with technological development, and we therefore find ourselves with the unique (in recorded history) potential – and even the tendency – to exterminate ourselves and/or completely spoil our own planet. Now that’s ignorance! This wasn’t possible in Kali Yuga, but as Paramhansa Yogananda said, “There is no safety in Dwapara Yuga.”

Another manifestation of ignorance is that, having pulled out of matter-bound, rule-bound Kali Yoga, and having begun breathing the fresh Dwapara air of energy, freedom and creativity, there can be a tendency to deny that we’re limited by any rule whatsoever. Epitomizing this is Jean-Paul Sartre’s ridiculous contention that we are “radically free.” Don’t we wish! To think we are above the laws that govern our own nature is radical ignorance.

Yes, as you say, there is scientific ignorance as well, the ignorance of supposed knowledge. But that is not true science at all. And unfortunately, such attitudes are not unique to Dwapara. People will always try to justify their personal opinions, rather than to break free of personal interest altogether. So it will be with all who have not learned to give themselves completely to the quest for Self-realization.

The important thing for each one of us is to stop reinforcing the ego, stop seeking our happiness outside ourselves, and instead look for it in the only place where happiness and wisdom exist: within our own selves.