Global warming and the tides of time


Do the changing Yugas have anything to do with Global Warming and Climate Change. I saw a program that stated the fossil record shows that many animals not normally found in or near the Arctic Circle were found to have lived close to it many thousand of years ago. Is there a written record showing what events took place during a specific Yuga.

—Will, USA


By Nayaswami Byasa, Ananda Village.

Through the ages, climate changes have had profound effects on human societies.

Civilizations have been wiped out by a prolonged drought or an extended cold period. The Sahara has switched from rich savanna dotted with lakes to dry sand dunes causing mass migrations of human population.

Today we experience the great impact of natural forces such as tsunamis and hurricanes, monsoon failures, and concern about global warming. No discussion of history on the broad scale would be complete without considering the role of weather…