Cycles of time (Yugas) and evolution of consciousness


Hello dear friend,

i have read from Swamiji that the transition of yugas happens because of sun's motion around the centre of galaxy. Could you elaborate as to how and why this motion affects human evolution... as is said that nature's workings are unveiled more and more in higher yugas, how exactly and why this happens? what about other planets.. are there different yugas there? Are the planets closer to the centre of galaxy more evolutionarily advanced?

—Vinay Kumar, India


It’s actually a bit more complicated that just the motion around the galactic center: It’s the sun’s revolution around a dual star, that brings it alternately closer to, then farther from, the galactic center.

It affects human evolution in that the galactic center emits powerful energy that lifts our consciousness, and the closer we get to the center, the more energy (hence upliftment) we receive. As we get more of that energy (i.e., as we enter higher yugas), we live more in harmony with nature and with our own selves, and thus are better able to perceive nature’s workings.

The other planets in our solar system experience the same phenomenon, although mankind has not yet discovered on those planets any life forms with intelligence similar to that of humans. However, there are, Yoganandaji said, other planets in other solar systems that do have life forms similar to humans (in essence, if not in physical appearance), and they would experience their own versions of yugas, depending on how close they are to the galactic center, whether their suns orbit around dual stars, etc. And if such planets are closer to the galactic center, it seems likely that the intelligent life forms thereon are more evolved than humans because they receive more energy from the galactic center.