Yuga Cycles


Is there more than 1 earth,and do they have different yugas going on,do we born at different places on different planets,babaji told that he would live till everyone is reedemed,on which planet does he exist,did mahabharata happen in all planets?Can you see all the planets in meditation?

—Aran, India


Dear Aran,

These questions are for us to learn as we evolve and expand our consciousness. Nonetheless, I suppose they are also fun to contemplate.

Yes, of course there are countless planets in even just this one uni-verse! Paramhansa Yogananda said there are beings even on our Sun! (I don’t know how but they must be “hot stuff!”)

As Swami Sri Yukteswar explained the 24,000 year Yuga Cycle in the introduction to his book, The Holy Science, it is clear from his explanation that this particular cycle relates to our earth and our sun. So, therefore, other planets would have their own cycles which might vary as to length. Yogananda said earth is mostly a “rajasic” planet but that other planets are predominantly “sattwic” or “tamasic.”

Thus “satya yuga” on a rajasic planet would be different than “satya yuga” on a sattwic planet!

The Mahabharata has two aspects: one, historical; the other, metaphorical. Its metaphorical meaning is surely true on all planets and for all manifested, sentient beings. The historical one is well, specific to our planet.

In Book 3 (Vibhuti Pada) of the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali mentions a siddhi with which knowledge of the planets and stars comes to the meditating yogi. So, yes! In fact, all creation is knowable in samadhi.

However, the challenge for you and me is to grow in spiritual consciousness, not just knowledge, interesting as it is. Let us strive through selfless service, devotion, and meditation to become ever calmer, ever more compassionate, energetic, and self-giving to the Lord of Creation!

Jai Guru!

Nayaswami Hriman

Seattle WA USA