Prophecies for the Road Ahead


I was watching a video on end of time — anti-Christ, Armageddon, Rapture, building of third temple, Russia attacking Israel and other things. A lot of these prophecies have fulfilled already. I am confused . What are all these prophecies about? What the masters said about them? Is there is thing as end of world? Where does all this fit in the cycle of yugas?

—Siddharth Kumar, India


Dear Siddharth,

Paramhansa Yogananda made a few prophecies towards the end of his life (1952) that suggests the “road ahead.”

1. He predicted continued global conflict in the form of two more world wars.

2. After this period, a period of some 200 years of relative peace would ensue.

3. He saw economic collapse particularly for America.

4. He used the term “international criminals” to describe what we might call terrorists or rogue states.

5. He DID not speak in terms of the dissolution of planet Earth but in its continuation after great struggles, both Earth changes and human conflicts of various kinds.

6. He did make comments about particular countries but as you have indicated, it’s not easy to know if what has already taken place since Yogananda’s passing might constitute fulfillment of his prediction or whether something else is to come. Hence I won’t try to catalogue his comments.

Ananda’s founder, Swami Kriyananda (who was a direct disciple of Yogananda) spoke often of difficult times ahead. Catastrophes, depression, and war. Our rate of consumption of natural resources, population growth, and increasing polarization of lifestyles, attitudes linked to greed, exploitation, and violence contrasts sharply with a growing trend of Awakening of consciousness, Harmony and unity.

These two trends: the first from the centuries before and the second an emerging expanded awareness into future centuries are battling for supremacy. Old forms and institutions have the power, still, but a new consciousness will unquestionably win out in the end. But only after much suffering and presumably loss of life on an unprecedented scale. Who can say for sure?

Those who live a Spirit-centered life; lives of service, devotion, prayer and meditation will develop an increased postitive magnetims that will give strength, courage, faith, and even protection in difficult times. Kriya Yoga is a central and advanced meditation technique brought into the open for the very purpose of preparing humanity to awaken to our next level of consciousness.

Be of good cheer. God alone is the only reality. God is love, peace, and joy; and strength beyond human measure.

We can never die for our true Self is the Soul and it is eternal, blissful, and One with God.

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Joy to you,
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA