Why Does Dwapara Yuga Express in Some Countries, In Others Not?


North American and European countries have transitioned rapidly into Dwapara Yuga (the new age of energy). India, China and other Asian countries are struggling to break free from Kali Yuga (dark age) mentality. Africa and the Middle East are still in the dark ages, and they don’t have a desire to move forward into the new era. If the Yugas are for the entire planet, why do some places have higher level of consciousness than others? Can we pray for the people still stuck in dark ages? Will it help?

—Siddharth Kumar, India


Dear Siddharth,
The evolution of the world is just like our personal spiritual evolution: some parts of us are more developed, others are lagging behind. We might, for example, brilliantly express our new spiritual self in our practices, but when it comes to certain habits or situations, we are still behaving like our old self. All of us are like a kingdom, Yogananda explains, with many inhabitants. Some of them are full of light, while others may still be quite dark. Some parts in us are pulling us forward, others even backward.

The world is just the same. The sunlight of Dwapara Yuga shines on all countries equally, but some still have a strong old “carbon” mentality, and so little of that light is being reflected. Other countries already have bit more of a diamond mentality, which reflects the light of Dwapara a little better.

In time, all countries will find their diamond and will reflect the Dwapara light. But realistically speaking, that might quite take some time, as the old carbon often hates the new diamond, which is perceived as a threat.

Yes, let’s pray: for cultures, for countries, for the world. Every prayer is a blessing for our planet.

In Dwapara friendship, jayadev