At This Time of Grief


My Father Sundaravadivel ( 61 )expired at 09:40 am Sunday 28th August due to multiple organ failure .😭😭😭 he was a psycatric patient for the past 30 years . I was able to spend 1 week before he went into coma . 20 Years of psycatric drugs made his liver failed . Now I have guilty as why we gave medicine. Being only son and I live in Melbourne abd mom alone in india 🇮🇳. Not sure what to do .since wife and mom does not getalong how to take care mom. Not able to overcome .please help

—Sabarish Sundaravadivel, Australia


Dear Sabarish,

Thank you for sharing with us the recent loss for your family. So sorry to hear of it and we are sending you many condolences and blessings for peace in your heart.

Firstly, please remember that everything about your father’s illness and passing from this earthly plane has unfolded by Divine Plan. There is no other way our lives can unfold but by the perfect guidance from the Higher Self. Our karma is perfectly orchestrated to lead us back to the Divine. This is for both you and your father.

Know that your father is in a peaceful place now and understands, more than you do at this time, why the Divine Plan played out as it did.

You made the best decisions you could with what you knew and what choices were available to you for the welfare of your father. He understands this now in his heightened state of awareness. Try to send your father thoughts of love and peace now, instead of sadness, guilt and regret. Send him the love of your heart. This will heal the pain, loss and sorrow that existed for both of your souls during his lifetime. In this way, you honor him and the relationship that still exists and will go on between your souls.

Also, you actually help the progress of your father’s soul journey by your unconditional love and letting go of your grieve. Then you are respecting the the Divine Will and working with the unfolding of that Plan. This acceptance and respect and trust of God’s will opens all hearts to more peace and love.

As your wife and mother begin to see this peace and unconditional love and acceptance you have, this may even lead to a healing between them. Acceptance for what is and not wishing it to be something else will bring the Divine attention and give us the contentment we long for in our hearts.

When the soul leaves the body, it goes to the astral world or heaven, the subtle sphere of God’s creation, a universe of light and energy. This is greater freedom. If you rejoice in that for your father, you will surely begin to feel the same freedom and blessings he is trying to send you. Your connection with him will always exist.

Nothing is lost in time or eternity, for we are ever in God. God never forgets us and in that lies our comfort. May God bless your efforts.

Many blessings at this time of grief,
Nayaswami Hassi