Art and Divine Energy


I am curious about great works of art, writing, music...

Are the artists channeling divine energy in this one aspect of their lives? (without knowing it?) I will say I am completely ignorant in regard to any of the works and the humans they came from. I don’t believe they were “spiritual” people, correct? So how do such enduring creations come to be? Thank you!

—Diana Barrett, USA


Dear Diana,

If we allow that our starting point is that the entire creation is a manifestation of divine consciousness, we can easily deduce that artistic excellence surely must derive, at least in part, from superconscious attunement. Great art communicates, though obviously not on rational or intellectual levels. Just as a person can be potentially psychic without being spiritually mature or advanced, so too a soul can develop great powers of intuition and talent applied to the arts, science, or indeed any field of human endeavor. Even the powerful magnetism of an evil person, say, Hitler or Stalin, draws its power from a higher, divine source: strange as that may seem.

In the Bhagavad Gita (I don’t have the quote handy) Krishna extols all human excellence, including evil, as manifestations of the power that truly exists: God’s power!

The same can be applied to the beauties, mysteries, and magnificence of nature. Yet, human inventiveness, healing, and artistry specially reflect its higher origins because beauty, intelligence, and compassion are divine, sattwic attributes that are channeled through the higher consciousness of the human ego and soul.

We can, therefore, admire that great ones of art, science, and humanitarianism are to varying degrees channels of superconsciousness. Yet, we, as devotees, see in the avatars and saints a divine attunement that is our raft to soul freedom. All other aspects of intuition can lead us into endless bypaths and dead ends without the desire to love God and become free in God.

Blessings, Nayaswami Hriman