Guidance from the Astral Plane


I am 18 years old and want to make a life out of making music. Often I want to find more information, inspiration, and knowledge on how to find the right sounds, how to improve my skills, and how to make a path for myself to be one of the greatest to do what I do. I have recently heard that astral projection may lead me to be able to tap into the knowledge and the minds of those who have done this before me. Is this true? Can astral projection help me manifest better what I want?

—Deus, United States


I am touched by your enthusiasm and the aspiration of your heart to do the best that you can and be successful.

While astral beings can certainly help us, they can also influence us in contrary ways. It is best to consider this topic in terms of “What kind of consciousness do I want to express?” Astral beings are no better than us necessarily by merely being in their astral forms.

Souls of a high consciousness will have a far more positive effect on us because they will be less centered in the ego and/or free of the ego, thus influencing us for the better. Fully liberated Masters would be at the top of the list. They are dedicated to working with receptive souls who are also seeking higher consciousness. The best kind of inspiration and guidance you can draw upon is from beings of this caliber. They don’t need to have been a musical artist in their earthly incarnations to help you become great.

True inspiration and success come from deep centeredness within and attunement with the source of all creativity and genius. The practice of meditation can be a great help to you in tuning into the higher consciousness within and being able to channel true inspiration. You might consider taking up such a practice.

Joy to You,
Nayaswami Maria