I Don’t Have Friends. Why?


I am 23yrs old I don’t have friends I never had any since my childhood .All the people who came in contact with me never liked me I have lived my life mostly alone without talking to anyone I don’t have a very good relationship with my parents since childhood I have a habit of talking to myself I want to know the cause of my suffering I want to have friends

—Diksha Mishra, india


Dear One,

This is not an easy issue.

Generally speaking, our teaching would answer you like this: you are ecxperiencing a very tough karmic lesson. You have no friends because in the past you didn’t behave like a friend. If you want friends, you must first be a friend, act like a friend, think like a friend, feel yourself as a friend, show that you are a friend.

If you practice this, maybe just with one person in the beginning, with patience, sooner or later this negative karmic pattern will be destroyed and a new positive karma will be established. You certainly will have friends. But it starts with you, in your mind, heart, actions.

Also pray to God for help. Each effort we make, if it sustained by the Divine, becomes much stronger.

But your issue goes deeper, it seems, being rooted in your trauma of being abandoned you mention in another letter, which doesn’t allow you to maintain a relationship. In some way you need to work on this trauma, to overcome it, either with a specialist or with the help of a wise person.

Then try to have one relationship in which you don’t abandon the person. Stick to that relationship.

Know that God loves you, the Cosmic Mother loves you and will never abandon you. The Masters love you. They will never abandon you either. Know that you are a most lovable soul, you merit friendship, and sooner or later you will have friends.

In divine friendship,