What Is the Current Year According to the Yuga System?


I'm currently reading The Holy Science by Swami Yukteswarji. As I understand it, we are currently in the year 1220 Dwapara. Is that correct? And if so, in 580 years we enter the sandhi before Treta Yuga? And, if possible, can you point me to any sloka translations for this book?

—Elle, United States


Dear Elle,

Hello! According to what Sri Yukteswarji says in that book, we are now in the year 320 Dwapara.

On page “XV” of the 1920 edition, he says “Now in this 1894 AD, the dark age of Kali Yuga having long passed away, in this 194th year of Dwapara….”.

Dwapara Yuga (including its sandhis or “twilight” transitions) began in 1700 (actually 1699, but Sri Yukteswar rounds this to 1700). Dwapara Yuga is 2,400 years long. So the world will enter the next yuga, Treta, in the year 4100 AD. In 3900 the world will enter the 200-year sandhi that ends Dwapara, and in 4100 the world will enter the 300-year sandhi that begins Treta. Earth will be fully in Treta Yuga in 4400.

As for the sloka translations, I believe the latest version published by SRF/YSS includes the slokas translated into English.

Joy to you,