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Spiritual Responsibility and Social Justice

Dear A, Thank you for this question: right now it is on the minds of many devotees. Ananda’s leaders, Nayaswamis Jyotish and Devi, have addressed this in a new video, “A Call to Action”. Also, Devi-ji has written a letter ... Read More

I Am Seeing Patterns of Numbers. What Do They Mean?

Dear Jack, Thank you for your question. It is good that you are seeing patterns of numbers around you. You are looking for messages from a higher reality and seeking an inner meaning behind day-to-day life. We’re not able to ... Read More

Are My Problems Being Caused by a Departed Ancestor?

Dear Nina, It’s wonderful that you’ve had a spiritual practice for 7 years. Although spiritual practice usually reduces our anger, lethargy, and desires, sometimes we can find an increase in these behaviors. This is not uncommon. It is interesting to ... Read More

Transferring Spiritual Gains to Others

Dear Friend, It is very generous and caring of you to want to transfer prana (energy) or your spiritual gains to others. It is our duty to share with others whatever we have in abundance, whether it be money, skills ... Read More

Visions and Feeling

Dear Angela, Thank you for sharing your experience. As for the meaning of the imagery, a tunnel can be symbolic of the astral spine, which is the passageway through the soul travels as it ascends in consciousness. The orbs could ... Read More

What Are the Lyrics to “When My Dream’s Dream Is Done”?

Dear Sairam, Thank you for your question. I assume you’re referring to this video? The lyrics by Yogananda are: Whence do they come here? Whither do they flit away? Whence do they come here? Whither do they flit away? In ... Read More

On Pilgrimage, Is It More Beneficial to Walk Rather Than Ride a Pony?

Dear Vijaya Babu, Hello! Thank you for writing to us. We aren’t familiar enough with this tradition to be able to answer it according to that tradition. From the standpoint of yoga, any pilgrimage, done in any manner, is somewhat ... Read More

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