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What Is the Current Year According to the Yuga System?

Dear Elle, Hello! According to what Sri Yukteswarji says in that book, we are now in the year 320 Dwapara. On page “XV” of the 1920 edition, he says “Now in this 1894 AD, the dark age of Kali Yuga ... Read More

What Is Superstition?

Dear Pradeep, I am familiar with this superstition, that an involuntary twitch in the eye, arm, or leg is supposed to herald news: auspicious, if the twitch occurs on a man’s right side or on a woman’s left side; inauspicious, ... Read More

When Was “The Holy Science” Published?

Dear Toby, I believe (though I’m not certain) that the book was published first in Bengali with the title Kaivalya Darsanam. Sri Yukteswar says it was printed by one of his disciples in Kidderpore (in Kolkata). The earliest English edition ... Read More

Are Yogananda’s Teachings Hinduism, Or Something Else?

Dear Lisa, Thank you for sharing your experience. We’re so glad you’re finding a support for your beliefs and practices in the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. Perhaps you have read his Autobiography of a Yogi? Yes, these teachings are based ... Read More

Spiritual Responsibility and Social Justice

Dear A, Thank you for this question: right now it is on the minds of many devotees. Ananda’s leaders, Nayaswamis Jyotish and Devi, have addressed this in a new video, “A Call to Action”. Also, Devi-ji has written a letter ... Read More

I Am Seeing Patterns of Numbers. What Do They Mean?

Dear Jack, Thank you for your question. It is good that you are seeing patterns of numbers around you. You are looking for messages from a higher reality and seeking an inner meaning behind day-to-day life. We’re not able to ... Read More

Are My Problems Being Caused by a Departed Ancestor?

Dear Nina, It’s wonderful that you’ve had a spiritual practice for 7 years. Although spiritual practice usually reduces our anger, lethargy, and desires, sometimes we can find an increase in these behaviors. This is not uncommon. It is interesting to ... Read More

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