Transferring Spiritual Gains to Others


How can we transfer prana or our spiritual gains to other individual or individuals, if at all it is possible, and what will be the impact on us?

—Anonymous, India


Dear Friend,

It is very generous and caring of you to want to transfer prana (energy) or your spiritual gains to others. It is our duty to share with others whatever we have in abundance, whether it be money, skills we’ve developed, our spirituality, etc. (This is also one way to increase our  abundance.) Giving to others is important too as a form of service. This helps expand our identity beyond our own little egos.

You ask how to do this transfer, and also what will be the impact on you. In this regard, Swami Kriyananda shares a story in The New Path that may be helpful:

Sometime in February or March 1949, Master instructed me to stand outside the Hollywood church after the Sunday morning services and shake hands with people as they left. In his lessons he states that people exchange magnetism when they shake hands. Thus, what Master wanted me to do was not merely greet people, but act as his channel of blessings to others. The first time I tried it, I felt so drained of energy afterward that I actually became dizzy. I suppose what happened was that people unconsciously drew from me, in the thought that I was there as Master’s representative.

“Master,” I said later, “I don’t believe I’m ready for this job.” I explained what had happened.

“That is because you are thinking of yourself,” he replied. “Think of God, and you will find His energy flowing through you.”

His suggestion worked. By holding to the thought of God, I discovered that I actually felt more uplifted, after shaking hands with congregation members, than beforehand.

It may be helpful for you, similarly, in helping others to think of God and to ask Him to bless them. Also, Swami Kriyananda has said that at times he would pray, “God, let us together send blessings to the person.” In this way, he said, he put his own will too into directing energy to the person.

There are more ways to transfer magnetism to others and to take on their karmic burdens. This is the help that enlightened masters give to their disciples. Until one has reached enlightenment, however, it may be more effective — and safer, even — to help others by asking God to help them. The masters too, in fact, see themselves acting only as channels of God’s blessings.

Joy to you,