I Dreamt of Yogananda Turning Into a Small Ball of Light Energy. What Does It Mean?


I have had a couple dreams where Paramahansa Yogananda was present. One dream in particular was him teaching me, then he turned into a small ball of light energy. He wanted me to place him in my hands. When I did I felt an overwhelming sense of pure bliss. I can still recall this feeling to this day. What could this mean?

—Jackie , United States


Dear Jackie,

What a marvelous dream. I believe it means that you should concentrate on Yogananda (and on the great Masters in general) not so much on the outer level, on his form, but see him as an energy of light, as a sphere of conscious light, in a formless way.

He transformed for you into a ball of light. The ball is a symbol for infinity, while the light is his true inner essence. And he wanted you to place him in that form into your hands, meaning to receive him in this way. This is much more blissful that remaining on the level of body and personality.

In fact we are being taught to concentrate, behind the Master, on his vast consciousness. You may read in Swami Kriyananda’s book, The New Path, how Leo Cocks, one of the younger disciples of Yogananda, used to take photographs of him whenever he could. The walls of his room became papered over with them. “Why do you keep on taking photographs of this physical form?” the Master demanded of him one day. “What is it but flesh and bones? Get to know me in meditation if you want to know who I really am!”

At any rate, yours is a stupendous dream.

All the best,