How Can I Spiritualize My Apartment?


I’m going to get my house painted in a few days. It is a 3BHK apartment flat. What colours would be spiritual? I’m also getting the house renovated. Any tips to make the house more suited for a spiritual life?

—Kana Yuhi, India


Dear Kana,

The most spiritual colors are white, blue, and gold. Maybe you can have the walls be pained by a nice off-white, with touches of blue here and there — for example in angles or around the windows.

Yogananda loved blue carpets. Maybe you could get one, too.

To renovate your house spiritually, make sure the pictures/photos you put on the wall express high consciousness: beauty, harmony, inspiration.

Create a specific space for your spiritual practices. If you have three rooms, maybe one could even become your temple. Or create a screened-off portion of a room. Make sure that you arrange it in such a way that you face east or north when you meditate.

Think about these terms when renovating your place: space – light – harmony. There is a book by Swami Kriyananda with the title Space, Light, and Harmony, telling the story of how he created his home, Crystal Hermitage. It might inspire you.

– Space: think of not cluttering the apartment.

– Light: let everything have bright, clear colors.

– Harmony: let each piece of furniture harmonize with all the others.

Also, let this apartment somehow express your specific soul. Individualize it according to your most inspired tastes. There can also be a corner that expresses fun or personal creativity. Spirituality is also fun and creative.

Pictures of masters give protection and blessings to your home. Divine symbols or statues are always contributing to the spiritual atmosphere in a house.

In general, meditate, and at the end ask for inspiration. Superconsciousness might give you the brightest ideas.

All the best for a happy and inspired home,