Who Is this Child About to Born into Our Family?


You answered my question 6 months ago about my departed 3 years daughter, answer has given a little hope for me in this tough situation, thanks. My daughter passed suddenly due to severe bacteria infection, she was the world for us, we did all the rituals for her, did donations, did chanting, did pooja at home so many things ,because we want her to come back to us. Now I am pregnant, is the same soul/my daughter coming back to us? Does it mean god heard our prayers and he is sending her safely?

—Supriya Kumbhare, Uk


Dear Supriya,

I am happy for you that another child is coming to you. For the sake of this child, please try to accept him or her as whoever she is: whether your deceased daughter or another soul. The mysteries of reincarnation are generally hidden from us so that we will accept one another as we are in that time, place, circumstances and form without the burden or knowledge of the past.

Let your prayer be “Divine Mother, I welcome this soul into our family as your gift to us to nurture, bless, train and help to grow toward maturity according to your will. Teach me to love this soul in your name as your child.”

Each soul is uniquely a child of God and is loved equally by God. Okay?

Blessings to you,
Nayaswami Hriman