Birth on other planets


Question from Bibins: Is there a chance we born in other planets?

What Happens After Death?


Question from Subramanya: Hello, Stuck in one question,after death to physical body, where do the soul go,what happens to soul after death??? How do the soul enter into other body??

Chronic Fatigue


Question from Sophie: Hi. I’ve been suffering from constant tiredness which has been diagnosed as Chronic Fatigue. I was wondering if you could give me any Spiritual advice to combat this or understand what I’m supposed to learn from it. I already meditate and do the energisation exercises and eat a healthy diet so I’m at a loss to understand what I’m supposed…

Is Construction Work Bad Luck?


Question from Jinu: I had previously send a question…I lost my husband in a car accident 6 mths back.our new house construction was going on when this happened..many says that bad incidents occurs during house construction…is there any truth in that…whether this construction work brought this fate for me and our little kids…please answer



Question from Rush: What is the karma behind freak deaths or accidents? For example, crashing and dying after a swerving in your car to miss a deer on the road, or getting lost in the forest and starving to death, or getting struck by lightning, or an experienced diver drowning from malfunctioning dive gear? I can understand karma such as disease as having…

Can meditation remove bad karma?


Question from Kalyan: Namaste. I have heard that doing meditation removes your past and present bad karma. Is that true? If so, how?

What Happens to Pets When They Die?


Question from Martin: During the past couple of years we’ve lost several of our senior pets due to disease/illness, and another under other tragic circumstances. I’m traumatized and very saddened by this experience. Is there any comfort to be drawn from the law of the universe? I’ve read that they live on in the afterlife (in the astral realm) in spirit, and that…

Why Did God Create Karma and Suffering?


Question from charu: namaste; is karma the only medium through which self realization happens, why is the creator playing with our emotions through the process called karma. In other words, why existence and hence so much suffering everywhere? would be so grateful I get answer to this question, its been bothering me for long time. thanks for responding to my previous questions. with…

Loss of Husband


Question from Purnima: I just lost my husband,not able to cope for all the love,care and support he gave.married 4 years and suddenly one day he was brutally murdered.He was man of good social stature,would solve the problems of people who came to him.loved family,his work and me so much.I don’t have any children.why did he go like this?He did good to everyone…

Why Did My Brother Die?


Question from Vivek: Why my brother highly religious simple pious died in road accident Why his good deeds can’t save him why a painful death even to a pure honest person

Faith in Tests and Trials


Question from Anurag Saha: Im into spiritual practices for couple of years, however rather then becoming confident in life i have become more fragile being in the situations im going through. Don’t know if i have grown spiritually or what’s the plan for me. Lately i tried to put more hours in my practice to deepen my level but rather im going through a…

How Can I Be Freed of This Difficult Karma?


Question from Seema gupta: I am a devotee and have been on the path for four years, I have been facing some difficult karma for a long time, and now I really want to be free from it. I also feel that when I practice meditation very regularly, something happens which pulls me down. Please help. Thank you.

When Does the Soul Enter the Womb


Question from BHARGAV P PATEL: If a person dies you cannot make him alive That is the logical proof that soul exists In human being which went away from body, But how about birth, how does it enter the womb(humans as well as non humans) since I don’t have any logical and scientific proof that how it enters womb by travelling through space I have…

Losing a Son


Question from Sree prasanna: Namaste sir , I lost my 20 years son in an bike accident . Before nigth he was dull and told his friend that he was getting negative vibes . Did my son knew that he would die . We r believers of God . We are broken with this incident ,our life’s are shattered by the death of my…

Guru’s Guidance


Question from Shanmuga priya: Iam married and devotee to yogananda .With his guidance I have got married. But my life is ended with divorce.i prayed so much to God but every thing is in vain.why guruji not helping me.why my prayers left unanswered.

The Law of Karma


Question from A: Q. If an individual or the masses suffer due to others misdeeds or wrong doings,then how the victims get support of the god? acc. to the divine law? Thanks Divine blessings to you all!

Must All Desires Be Fulfilled?


Question from A: I have a few questions about desires. First, how are desires are fulfilled in the astral world? Some people say in the astral world a person can create physical objects with thought and some say it’s not possible. Every person has some physical desires before he/she dies but when this person reincarnates, they are not the same person anymore so…

Can We Reincarnate Backward in Time?


Question from Feo: Hello I am wondering when you get reincarnated do you always get reincarnated in to the future or can you get reincarnated in to the past or live again at the time you did now. I mean lets say you where born in 1937 and you died in 1973 would you than automatically be born some time after 1973 in…

Mother Teresa/St.John of the Cross, the Same Souls?


Question from Jim: Hello, do you think Mother Teresa, now St.Teresa might have been “St. John of the cross” in a former life? I can’t really explain why I think this may be the case, I was just wondering what you may think about that. Thank you.

Alzheimers Disease and Karma


Question from Derrick: My father has Alzheimers disease. Would this be the result of his past Karma?. Why is this disease becoming so rampant globally during this time in history?