What is the Purpose of Tensing & Relaxing During the Energization Exercises?


Respected Sir/Madam,

I came to know energization exercises in Ananda Sangha but what is the use in tensing and relaxation of body parts in most of your exercises.Please reply kindly

—chitti, india


Dear Chitti,

There are many reasons for the practice of Energization Exercises as created by our Guru, Paramhansa Yogananda. The main purpose of these unique rechargers, this specific pranayam application, is to prepare the body and nervous system for deeper meditation and God-realization.

We accomplish this in discovering, awakening, controlling, then directing the flow of prana (energy) to specific areas of our body. And we must learn to relax so we can be channels for this divine energy we seek to serve.

In this regard we use tensing and relaxing to first become aware of specific body part while at the same time sending it energy/prana. We recharge that area/limb/organ/region (energy, life-force, to some extent is already there) as if it were a dormant or undercharged battery that we are hooking up to a wall-charger, from a source much stronger and abundant. Yogananda said, “The greater the will, the greater the flow of energy!”

So in this regard, once we determine and visualize what body part we are going to energize and awaken, we affirm our willingness and willpower to actually do it, and then we comply to send energy by directing, visualizing and feeling a flow of energy from the medulla oblongata (back of the head at the top of the spine).

Concurrently tensing (vibrating) the designated part of the body, then after a few seconds we relax the tension/vibration and note the feeling of that area. It should feel empowered as should you, and ready for whatever life sends your way! You will feel more magnetic, entertain better health of body and mind and be able to, as Yogananda would emphasize, “Give your body a breakfast of energy!” and keep it fit for God-realization in meditation or any activity.

The result of this technique is to give you the knowledge you’ll need to quicken your ability for deeper and longer meditations. I suggest you read or participate in our first step of the Ananda Course, Ananda Course in Meditation, where these extraordinarily practical contributions of Yogananda are explained and taught in detail. Every Ananda Center worldwide offers this opportunity to dive deep into greater awareness and joy.

Blessings to you,
Nayaswami Premdas