Internal sounds during yoga practice


Hi Soul friends,

Sometimes I hear a rising "whooshing" kind of sound in my head when I am in yoga postures esp. the more demanding ones like locust or full peacock.

I am wondering what this phenomenon could be and if its normal.

Thanks for your time.


—Cyril, Ireland


Hello Cyril,

Since you specifically cite two quite demanding asanas, I am guessing that the sound you’re hearing is related to elevated blood pressure due to exertion and (perhaps) irregular or nonexistent breathing during the asanas.

(It happens to me, too, in those asanas, and sometimes also in other physically demanding asanas.)

To test this, try gentler forms of those two asanas, staying relaxed in the midst of effort and breathing smoothly and evenly, and see if the sound persists. For example, try half peacock, or the simple locust in which you’re on your belly and you lift everything else off the floor.

If the sound doesn’t happen in those cases (this works for me), that’s a big clue. My guess is that it will subside for you also if it’s due only to the exertion/breathing factor.

Blessings on your practice,