Dealing with Grief


My Wife passed 6 months ago and I cannot and will not let her memory go. I am holding on to her belongings and I sleep with them the same as if she were physically here. I do not wish to hinder her Spiritual Journey but will not let go until it is my time to be with her again

—James Carbajal, USA


Dear James, We are very sorry to hear of the death of your wife. There is no reason that you need to let go of her beautiful memory, while at the same time letting go of too much attachment to her, like sleeping with her belongings, etc, which indicate your excessive grief for her.

You are right! Doing this will definitely hinder her spiritual journey. She has things to do, places to visit, and much to learn in the magnificent Asral World, where she should be residing, except for your continuous pulling on her. Wouldn’t you like to be unselfish now and let her go on to that joyful and lovely place, to be there in joy until you join her?

That would certainly be best for both of you! You have said that you will not let her go until it is your time to be with her again. That is really too bad for both of you! Please consider what I have said seriously. I know you love her, so if you really want to help her, start now, in whatever large or small ways you can, to let her spirit go onward and upward. This can be a gradual process for you, but you must, for her sake and your own, at least get started on it. If you want hints on how to do this, please read my book, Through the Gates of Death—And Beyond. See: I think it might be a big help to you!