Speed of Light!


Greetings gurudev,

What is so special about the speed of light?In the law of miracles it is stated that the person who has crossed the speed can perform miracles like babaji.I mean is that speed the borderline between material and astral world?

Waiting for your reply,

Thanking you

—true devotee, india


Dear friend,

Yes, it is true that in the “Autobiography of a Yogi,” the chapter the LAW OF MIRACLES, he speaks of the speed of light as if it were a metaphysical, not just a material point of transition in reality. But, in fact, Yogananda also stated that humanity would someday break even this barrier as it relates to space travel.

So, no, the speed of light is NOT the borderline between material and astral world. Yogananda would frequently quote new discoveries in science to support or make a comparison with metaphysical teachings. I’ve even come across some such quotations in regard to discoveries that were, in later decades, “proven” false by later scientists. Yogananda did not depend upon the ever fluctuating insights in science to “prove” metaphysical truths. Instead, he simply would sometimes see sufficient a correlation so as to help students in our more materialistic age to become open to subtler realities.

Though it is challenging to do so, it is important that the teachings, writings, statements and acts of a true guru be carefully “digested” using a combination of intuition, reason and common sense. It is all too easy to take scriptures and misunderstand them. I hope this is helpful to you!

Blessings in light!

Nayaswami Hriman