Using Electronic Devices to Deepen Meditation — a Blessing or a Crutch?


Hello in this modern world there are a lot of devices/ electronic machines like computer to play music i’m using these devices to play different mantras during my spiritual practices personally i feel like i shouldn’t depend on something magnetic for my practices so using those devices will be good or bad??please provide guidance.

—ruchit, India


Dear Friend,

Using these devices are just fine but remember that the goal of spiritual seeking is the upliftment of the conscious mind to the superconscious state of the soul. Meditation might begin with aids like these but it is important to go beyond them into meditation and finally going beyond even advanced meditation techniques into the inner silence where, alone, we meet God, Christ, the Masters and our own, divine Self.

Blessings, and, joy to you,
Nayaswami Hriman